COVID-19 Impacting NCLEX: What Should I do?

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Read this article to find answers to your questions about the COVID-19 NCLEX cancellations.

Is Your NCLEX Cancelled?

COVID-19 Impacting NCLEX: What Should I do?

NCLEX Exams Suspended

Due to the rapidly-spreading Coronavirus across the United States and globally, the NCSBN announced that test delivery to U.S and Canadian based Pearson VUE test centers (the NCLEX test administrator) is suspended until April 16, 2020.

This has resulted in numerous questions from NCLEX candidates regarding rescheduling exam dates or scheduling new appointments.

Answers to Your Questions

Below, we have listed resources to view for answers to questions like:

For Candidates

  • Why was my exam cancelled?
  • My exam was cancelled, but my friend’s exam wasn’t. Why is that?
  • Is my NCLEX test appointment cancelled?
  • Will I get a refund if my exam is cancelled?
  • When can I test?
  • What will happen if my registration expires?
  • If my exam appointment was unscheduled, do I need to contact Pearson VUE, NCSBN or my nursing regulatory body?
  • Can my ATT be extended?
  • Where can I find test delivery information specific to my country?
  • How can I find the latest information on test delivery during this pandemic?

For Educators and Nursing Regulatory Bodies (NRBs)

  • What will happen to candidates’NCLEX registrations?
  • Is there any action our nursing program or our NRB needs to take
  • What should NRBs do with new registrants?
  • What message should NRBs relay to candidates?

Keep Up-to-Date

The global pandemic is constantly changing. Please follow the following resources frequently for updates.

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