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I am a RN working in a med surg floor working in NYC at an acute hospital (unionized) it appears like we are the only Covid unit 365 days in NYC. The staff is trying to get higher pay and present it to management. We did not sign up for this nor was it listed on our contract to work in a Covid unit 365 days. Floating to other floors is not an option. Asides from being exposed 100% of the time what are some good points that we can present. 


thank you 

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It was my understanding that extra hazard pay for working on a Covid unit was coming from a government grant that expired on Jan 1, 2023. Now I could be wrong and your union may be able to helpo but don't they generally make you stick to the negotiated Union Contract. (I have never worked in a unionized hospital)


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Hazard pay is just that - being paid for taking the extra risk. I think that's the primary point to stress with extra COVID Pay.

And it's not only putting yourself at risk, but your families - which you should address.

Along with hazard pay, when we are working with COVID + patients I believe there should be set ratios in place, esp. due to the extra time needed to take care of these patients.