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Cover Letter Help!

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by Squishybear Squishybear (New) New Nurse

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Hey guys, I could use some help on writing cover letters. I've written so many different ones but I'm not sure the best way to approach it when applying for competitive Pediatric New Grad Programs in CA? I've C+P my letter below, any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Dear ______, 

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the New Graduate RN Residency on the Medical Unit (acute care) for xx Hospital. Although I am from xx, I have researched xx hospital extensively and was immediately drawn to this hospital. The mission of xx hospital resonates with my desires to nurture and comfort children through my care as a pediatric nurse and empower them to build confidence to lead healthier lives. I would love to work for a hospital that is committed to providing holistic, family-centered care to children through the integration of science and the arts, the establishment of kid-friendly facilities, and the unwavering belief that kids always come first.

My clinical rotations at xy hospital gave me experience in working with kids at different ages and developmental levels. I prioritized family-centered care for all patients and worked to ensure that the kids felt comfortable and safe under my care. I never hesitated to use my creative abilities to create a nurturing and healing environment for the kids. During one morning assessment, my patient refused to let anyone take vitals on him because he was scared. Because I noticed he was holding his stuffed lion tightly, I built rapport with him by talking through his stuffed lion and doing assessments on the lion first. By the end of the shift, he was comfortable, talkative, and often asked me to take him to the play room. My ability to establish caring relationships with children to facilitate health and healing as a nursing student will carry on through my new role as a Pediatric RN in your unit.

In addition to my clinical nursing skills, I am also devoted to sustaining and enhancing the health of children through education and advocacy. During my community health clinical, my team and I partnered with xx organization in xx city to develop an informative guide for foster kids on different coping skills for managing anxiety. This resource guide will be distributed to kids they work with and posted as a resource on xx organization’s website.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to learn from the Magnet recognized nursing team at xx hospital. I am confident that xx hospital can guide me to grow and advance in my career as a pediatric nurse. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and interview with you.




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