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course outline Med Surge (Brunner and Suddarth)


I'm about to start my second semester of nursing school. I have almost a month before classes start back and was wondering if anyone had a course outline for their Med Surge class. My instructors skipped around a lot in Assessment and Fundamentals (i.e. first test - chapters 18 and 24/ instead of lecturing on 1 and 2......3,4 and so on). I know it probably will not be the same but maybe it will help me get a jump on things.

Any help will be appreciated!



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HI! Welcome!

I would be cautious about using someone else s outline...some schools frown upon this and it could change.


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I will be starting my second semester too in the spring and I have med surge (Health Alteration), Health Promotion, skills, and clinical. This is what I did in my first semester, I emailed my instructor for the outline of the Learning Plan objectives and their chapters. I also asked her about the exam 1, 2-6 chapters so I can study a head of lectures. She gave me all I needed. I studied for exams from exam 1-exam 6. It helps to know where the exam will come from. Do not use anyone's outline or even within your program. They change things every semester so its safe to ask. The text is so huge and you wanna be specific in your studies. Congratulations on your first semester and wish you the best in the second semester. I am excited too to find out about med surge!!!!


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Have you considered contacting your Professor and asking for the syllabus in advance? I've done this in the past and most have been willing to email a copy in advance, assuming the syllabus is ready to distribute.

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Don't you get a course syllabus? ALso, the book is written in chapter form and easily outlined. I think you are worrying about the wrong things. Relax and let the instructor guide the journey