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Countdown NCLEX in about 10 days!!

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SO I will be taking my NCLEX on Tuesday, January 15, 2013!!!... I am very nervous as many of you are or have been!..:nailbiting:

I congratulate EVERYONE who has come on to allnurses.com and passed, shared their stories to help others like me and give great advise.

I am a little weary about taking the exam and only because while in nursing school I was the "average student" I made C's in majority of the classes (82%-84%) :banghead: on B (85%) and did horribly on the HESI exit exam!...I mean I made it this far...I graduated Nursing school on Dec. 10, 2012. :nurse:

So far I have been doing mostly questions and learning from the rationales that way doing anywhere from 50-200 questions/day. I have been using Kaplan and I looked at the HURST review lectures online...

My Kaplan scores range anywhere from 48%-72% on qbanks and Qt's

Dx test: 68%

QT1: 60%

QT2: 64%

QT3: 64%

Qbank with 550 questions done: 59%

Although I know getting scores in the 60's is considered "good" but still makes me feel that I am weak in content but at this point I just do not have the attention span to reading from a review book :dead: and while doing the class with the guided questions I cant seem to get the decision tree down pact...idk what it is I am doing wrong...

I have a job on the line that I need to pass the NCLEX in order to start working and am scheduled to start the job the day after the NCLEX! :down: YIKES!

Any other words of wisdom, or people who have been in the same boat as me have any advice or other stories they can share, it would be great to hear about it...Its hard to find people who really understand what you feel since no else really knows what you are going through unless they have been there before and many of my friends have not...

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