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Has anyone who applied at Cottage for the new grad program for the August or October start received a call back? Also, does anyone who has worked there have any insight into what it is like working there? Thanks!


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No call back but I did receive a rejection email last week saying they had the applicants they were interested in...blahblahblah. Good luck!


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Most of the new hires at Cottage Hospital are new graduate nurses from the local nursing school-SBCC. I just graduated from SBCC and know this for a fact. SBCC graduated more than 40 nursing students this past spring semester and most have been hired or are competing for these positions.

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Thanks--that is kind of what I figured. I can't blame hospitals for hiring from local schools.


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Did you just graduate from the RN or LVN program there?

I've been accepted into both at SBCC, I can start the LVN class much sooner but I'm trying to decide if I should just wait and go straight to the RN class. My goal is to be an RN but I'm so tired of waiting.... I'm curious if I'll have a harder time finding an LVN job in the area and how long the waitlist is to go back and do LVN to RN at SBCC.


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I just graduated from the RN program. As far as I know, there really isnt a wait-list for the LVN program- only thing is that it only starts every year or so. And as far as I know, there is no wait-list for the LVN-RN program...most students get right in since there are not that many applicants. But there is about a two year waitlist for the RN program. The RN program is currently undergoing many changes- going from a self-paced program to a traditional program. A lot of my classmates did not like the self-paced philosophy and we all believed the traditional philosophy is going to help students be more successful in the program. I would say go straight to the RN far as jobs go- it is a hard time for any profession at the moment, even nurses. I hear Cottage Hospital isnt hiring any new grads anymore for this year. The only other option for RNs in town would be Sansum Clinic or retirement homes or dialysis centers. Good luck


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Theoretically I should be able to do the LVN program and then go straight into the LVN-RN program? If so I think I'd rather do that than sit around waiting for 2 years.:nuke:

Do you know if the LVN program is also self paced or when the RN program is changing to the traditional? Was it hard for you and your classmates to find jobs? I live in Orcutt/Santa Maria now and lots of people commute to SB for work so I thought the job market was better down there. It does seem like there are more RN positions than LVN when I look on the hospitals websites.

Thanks for the info. I keep trying to call the school but I haven't had any luck getting a hold of anyone.


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The decision is ultimately up to u. I moved to the east coast and got a job here but my classmates all got jobs at cottage hospital- some of my classmates are still looking for jobs although. Some of my classmates also got hired at lompoc hospital. The RN program is changing to a traditional in fall of 2009 and the LVN program is a traditional program already. good luck


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Did you actually work in this hospital? I am an ICU travel nurse and they just sent my profile there, did not hear great things in the last two years there? Any thoughts?

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