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cost of books

can someone give me an idea of what the cost of books will be??


Yes books and other materials can be very expensive. I suggest you contact the finacial aid office and fill out a free application for finacial aid (government $$) you'll be surprise how much money you can actually earn and still qualify for a fed pell grant and fee waiver. This is what I did when I first started taking my pre-reqs for the ADN Rn prgram at my community college. Like you I also started out a little later then most students, I'm 39 yrs old. I have been going to school in the evening since fall '98 and will soon be done with all the prereqs so I can apply to nursing school for the fall 2001. I had to work during this time full time and have a husband and four children, so I can tell you from experience it can be done. I'd like to share more with you but you didn't post your e-mail. smile.gif

Books are expensive. For the prerequisite courses you can usually find used books at the campus bookstore or posted on bulletin boards. Once I took a class or 2 I met other students who would sell me there books directly. I paid more than the bookstore would have bought them from but far less than purchasing them directly from the bookstore. The best source for books (new and used) that I have found is www.ecampus.com. I bought all of my books for summer and fall there. They even have used books and best of all free shipping!

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