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I am seeing posts that have me wondering if hair dye is not going to be allowed under TPAPN and that has me slightly concerned. Also does anyone know if Botox or fillers are allowed or if this sends positive testing results under TPAPN? Ugh!!!

I never did Botox, but I dyed my hair the whole 3 years I was in TPAPN. I always use the semi-permanent hair color, but only because I think it's less damaging to my hair and because I have to color every 6-8 weeks anyway to take care of my roots, I always figured there was no reason to use permanent. Idk if permanent color has any problem ingredients, probably not, but I do know my semi-permanent color never caused me problems.

I am about to enter into the WA state monitoring program and asked about coloring my hair. I was told it wasn't recommended but they couldn't tell me no and the reasoning was really only because if a hair test was pulled the dye would affect it and then they would ask for a nail instead and sometimes getting enough nail isn't easy. I just told him I had plenty of nails to give so will go on to dye my hair but as I am just entering I don't know if it is really worth it. I meant to ask about botox as well but forgot.

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