what's the interview like?

  1. I have my app. in at one of the prisons here in ohio. my question is what is the interview like? is it a panel interview with several people staring you down asking about what you would do if an inmate falls out in the yard with a seizure? i just kinda want to get an idea of what i'm in store for when they call me. any input regardless of whether its ohio or not would be appreciated. thank you.
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  3. by   thegreenmile
    It was a panel of 4 in attendance for the oral part of the interview. They showed me the wage scale and asked me where on the scale would I have to start. Then, they state the position and hours and ask if you are able to accept this, if more than one position is available they ask you your preference. They proceed to situations and how would you would respond. They are surely assessing your personality and style along with your ablility to make critical decisions independantly. They alot you the opportunity to ask questions. Then the written part of the exam ie; medication test, SOAP charting on multiple situations and completing an application and consent for background check and references.
  4. by   rgcirn
    Hi, I am new to this site but have been a correctional nurse for 3+ years. I found the most important thing in the interview is to make sure you say you will document everything. Inmates are extremely "sue" happy and you have to be able to cover your butt. I had 2 people interview me, and it was all situational. What would you do if....? Use common sense and be thorough. Good luck. Correctional nursing is like nothing you've ever experienced. :spin: rgcirn