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ok, we've established the negatives on the subject of correctional about some of the positives for some of these newbies that are thinking about going into our field? we've all heard... Read More

  1. by   weirdRN
    The inmate population has nothing to do but think and file frivolous lawsuits. Liability is high. Consider that the people you are dealing with are manipulative, and after a fast buck with no work behind it.

    Correctional Nursing has been a positive change for me in the respect that I am able to walk away without guilt. I have learned to say No and not feel bad about myself. I give them my personal best while I am at work, but as soon as I am off the time clock, I couldn't begin to tell you anything about any specific inmate- unless it was REALLY important. I put in my eight and go home.

    Correctional Nursing may or may not be good for new nurses depending on their confidence level and ability. Specifically, their ability to self train and motivate. Often you are in situations where you must think on your feet and act independant of any guidance other than your own moral compass.

    Since starting my job, I have seen a few nurses come and go. Most went because of the toxicity of a few of the nurses working there now. Others went because they felt they were not able to care as much as they wanted about the people they were supposed to be taking care of. I find new grads get a bit of everything. They are able to learn time management, learn assessment skills, learn triage skills, learn people skills. I believe that no matter what specialty you choose in nursing, it is always going to be Basically Nursing with a few added skill sets. Med Surg is all well and fine. You will see a lot of kinds of patients in a short amount of time.

    No matter where you are, You will grow exponentially the first year you are out of school. Whether you choose to grow on a med/surg floor or in a prison is up to you.