Starting on Monday and need advice

  1. Hi Nurses,
    I am an RN Starting at a correctional facility on Monday. Are there any more tests that I wll be taking? What should I expect for the first few weeks? Let me know. Thanks
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  3. by   VegRN
    It sounds like you are new to correction nursing so...
    1. Know the policies and procedures of the institution and don't veer from them.
    2. Inmates are going to try to get you to break policies, be familiar with the word "no" and don't be afraid to use it. You will be using this word and its variations a lot.
    3. Understand that inmates are there because they have problems with following rules, telling the truth and generally getting along in our society. They are NOT just like the people on the outside so don't expect to take what they say as the truth. Never believe anything an inmate says. Don't ignore it either. Check into it, assess it and follow up on it.
    4. Your assessment skills are of the utmost importance. Since inmates often lie, you will want to trust your assessment and the objective data gathered more than what is coming out of their mouths.
    5. Don't ask them leading questions during an assessment. i.e if they are having CP don't ask "You don't have any numbness or tingling in your left arm, do you?" Word it as "Does any place on your body feel numb or tingly". They know some things that go with the assessment but often don't know what is not supposed to be there. Don't give them any clues. Sometimes you will have to make exception to this but try to avoid it if possible.
    6. Inmates generally have a low level of education. Speak with simple words and explanations. and 8th grade level is often to complex for them to understand, dumb it down, get to the basics
    7. Especially being new, inmates are generally going to try and play you, get one over on you and lie. They have 24 hours a day to try and come up with their games. Stand your ground, don't take any of their crap.

    If this response is too much of a downer, you should check out the thread titled "the positives in correctional nursing".

    Good luck
  4. by   MadisonsMomRN
    This info is SO true. I have not been in corrections long but have QUICKLY come to realize that what VegRN is so true.