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I've been working in the Federal prison for 4 months now. I had OK days. But most days I feel that I'm not appreciated. Inmates think they are in hotel instead of prison. They demand too much! they... Read More

  1. by   NurseLite
    It's always discouraging when you hear that the inmates have more rights than we do. BUT I stand firm in that we, as nurses, are PATIENT advocates, NOT family advocates. In correctional medicine, you will still have to deal with a certain number of family members that will call, but it is so much better than having Mr. Smith telling you that you are not taking care of "Mama" right.

    Where else can you tell a non-compliant patient to "stick this up your a$$" and get away with it? (yes, I am referring to a suppository, so those PC folks don't get upset)

    You can keep the hospital and all the JCAHO that goes with it ...
  2. by   wtxcchp
    I have worked in federal, state, jail, etc... I have to agree that the attitude you get from the federal BOP inmates is a lot worse than general inmates. Many feel they are entitled to EVERYTHING and unfortunately the US govt gives them tons more than state or local inmates - thus the feeling like they are staying at a luxury hotel.

    You may want to try a different level of inmate. In all of my environments I have always called the inmates "MR" or "MRS" and treated them fair and consistent and they have been much more appreciative than when my coworkers treated them as "inmates". Sounds strange - but will work 9 out of 10 times (if not more).
  3. by   NurseLite
    Quote from wtxcchp
    You may want to try a different level of inmate. In all of my environments I have always called the inmates "MR" or "MRS" and treated them fair and consistent and they have been much more appreciative than when my coworkers treated them as "inmates". Sounds strange - but will work 9 out of 10 times (if not more).
    Exactly! Regardless ... they are "our patients" and the "officers' inmates".
  4. by   rebelgirl#1

    My worst week in the Federal System is still better then the hospital,

    We still have bad management who brings over some one who is not sick, and they forget the really sick ones. Staff is still my worst issue. Plus the young not sick inmates who are sure that they should get everything.

    Bad week at work for me. Medical kept wanting to give every inmate something. giving out back braces, arch supports, and tons of benadryl. I could not get a thing done for some that need to be transferred to a higher level of care. But the loudest inmate gets help and the rest do not.

    How is the state system
  5. by   spongebob6286
    at the hospital i get stressed out with the workload and at the jail i get stressed with the inmates!
  6. by   Dwifey
    Maybe Im nieve but I feel correctional nursing is not a field that you do get a whole lot of appreciation.However, I didnt become a nurse for verbal gratification. As long as I know I made a diffrence and give the best care I can . Thats all that matters to me. Maybe thats why I love it soo much
  7. by   Neats
    I was a Health Care Manager in the correctional system for a number of years and I can tell you the medical staff were compentant and really wanted to perform their job. The offenders were grateful for the medical services provided. There were some offenders who would grieve the health care but as a whole they were few and far from the numbers we see on a daily basis.

    I currently work in LTC and our residents and families expect us to perform way above what hospitals and correctional nursing services offer. We go the extra mile, we try to assist the residents with very little resources and they can grieve as well and let me tell you they do. Human beings are human beings, it does not matter where they are located when it comes to receiving health care it is on an individual basis and so very personal you may or may not ever receive a thank you. Just remember why you wanted to be a nurse and do your best, don't ever become stagnant and you should excell anywhere you are employed.
  8. by   Orca
    I am also a nurse in the federal system and you are SOOOOOOOOOO wrong if you are under the mis-perception that the patient in the hospital environment will "Appreciate" what you do for them. That is not gonna happen. They are more demanding and unappreciative than the inmate population I have been in contact with.
    Right on the nose. One major difference is if an inmate is being nasty to you, you can end the interaction and send him/her away without treatment. In a hospital you are expected to placate anyone who gets angry and cater to them because they are a "customer". I don't know about you, but the last thing I feel like doing is coddling someone who has been cursing and insulting me for the past half hour. I even once had a doctor ask me to apologize to an angry family even though we both knew that nothing was done wrong, just to get them to shut up and go away. No way do I want that again.
  9. by   nursesha
    WHY don't u give me your job. I don't have One please keep your job .jOB ARE HARD TO FIND..I Have been looking for 4 mo as new nurse lpn. but have not got one call .. what do i have to do help.....
  10. by   chulada77
    I've been called nasty names, kicked, and accused of all sorts of a hospital setting. Also, hospital management expects you to increase your nurse/pt ratio and make sure the "customer satisfaction" ratings increase at the same time without a tech. I expect nasty comments in the correctional setting so my mental state has a coat of armor whereas at the hospital my armor isn't as think but the pts are no different.
    I'll take corrections any nurses are ill-treated by their patients all the time.
  11. by   NurseNatashaRN
    The problem with this type of work (although needed and noble) is that the "person" you are dealing with in many cases never learned to respect others, which is one of the reasons they are there in the first place. Many of the cases are really sad and many of the inmates come from really bad family or home environments which is no excuse, just some of the reason. It's very difficult work, but anyone who is involved, must not take it personally because they can't control their actions a lot of the time and they don't think the same as you in many cases. Also, I recognize that the compensation may not jive with the feelings on a daily basis.

    Good Luck.
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  12. by   determined2doit
    I was really feeling depressed about the correctional nursing field. Not so much for the level of care that I give to the patients, but mostly because of the staff. I was questioning whether I was in the right place that God wants me to be in, but after reading some of these wonderful statements, I am really encouraged. I love nursing. I love to give care to someone that no one else would think to give care to, bringing hope to the hopeless, and seemingly forgotten. Yes it can be stressful, yes I sometimes get weary of fighting the officers to insure my patients get proper care, the doctors to insure they get the necessary treatment, the EMT's to insure they get swift transport to hospitals, but if we as nurses don't fight for them...who will? Thank you guys so much. You really don't know how much you have helped me.