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Which company has better benefits such as health insurance, retirement and disabiity? Which has better working conditions? Since problems are site specific, if you are working at a good site... Read More

  1. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from erroridiot
    It's hard to say about pay which varies even within regions. I would say that generally, correctional nursing pays less than even long term care nursing.

    Here I could work at a hospital for $2-4 dollars more per hour. I faxed my resume to a hospital several months ago and a nurse manager called me for an interview. Her first sentence was "So you work in a jail. Well, how do you like that?". This person then proceeded to burst out in hysterical laughter. I told her that I was very busy at my current job at the jail and made an appointment for the interview. I did not go to the interview and called to cancel 5 minutes prior to the appointment. She did not deserve a cancellation call, but I am too ethical to stand people up. I think that she just called me to make fun of someone so she could have a moment of superiority (all to herself, of course).

    I should have reported her to the administration of her "prestigious" hospital.
    You should have asked her why she was laughing.
  2. by   richmat1
    the best way to go is working for CCA Corrections Corporation of America it's a private prison / jail organization check them out on line.