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I have been working at a medium/maximum security prison for about 3 weeks. I am a little nervous at the way they do their insulins. We have an east dispensary and a west dispensary. The inmates... Read More

  1. by   Truegem
    Don't you have safety needles that retract after being injected?
    I wouldn't worry about it. One wrong move and they will have 30 cops/guards on them, right? I think this is what prevents them from doing a lot of things they might otherwise be tempted to do.
  2. by   RN.38SPCL
    We have the inmate check his/her own blood sugar and draw up their own insulin. They are standing on the other side of a steel cart, provided with a safety lancet,alcohol wipe,cotton ball, test strip and the glucometer. They dispose of the sharps in a sharps container fixed to the cart. They are then handed the syringe and their insulin. The inmate has to record his blood sugar, amont of insulin taken, the date and the medpass time. It works really well. I would think it is safe to say the true diabetics want their medicine and don't want to get into trouble. The only trouble I ever have out of diabetics is noncompliance with diet. We do not count sharps. sharps are kept locked up and used one at a time and disposal is witnessed.
  3. by   Larry in Florida
    Quote from akwesook
    I have only worked at county jail but it was the policy there that the inmate stick himself, dispose of the sharps into container and inject self. I for one feel safer that way because of the distance between me and them. I have experienced that the guards are (at times overly) protective of us and willing to use whatever force they feel appropriate
    We let the inmate do all the work except for drawing up the insulin.
    No big whoop!

    Larry RN in Fl
  4. by   tirzo13
    Itsa prison, as the Captain tells everyone, its unsafe, thats why we get paid well.
    If a person does not feel comfortable, then they should leave and get another job.
    It dangerous.
    We had a nurse get her jaw broke, nurses get spat on all the time.

    A person sentenced to life does not care if there are CO's around or not, if he wants to knife you, or spit on you he will.
    Nothing can really be done to him, he is a lifer.

    People say they respect nurses, hence they won't hurt them.
    They have interviewed inmates that attacked nurses.
    They have attacked there favorite nice nurses.
    Why? because nurses are easy targets.

    Its a dangerous job, we do it because of the high pay.
    still, i believe that an inner city ED is more dangerous, as are mental hospitals.

    As far as the needles go.
    If you give the needle to them, not only can they strike you, while the cop is 20 feet away, they can also break the needle off inside them, using it for a weapon or tattoo gun later.
  5. by   tirzo13
    As far as CO protection goes, CO's are usually pretty good staying close to young female nurses.
    Us men, or married older female nurses, the CO's read the paper.
    Nothing against CO'S, tough job, just what i see where i work.
  6. by   VegRN
    Wow, this is so true! I laughed out loud when I read this. Sad, but true.

    Quote from tirzo13
    As far as CO protection goes, CO's are usually pretty good staying close to young female nurses.
    Us men, or married older female nurses, the CO's read the paper.
    Nothing against CO'S, tough job, just what i see where i work.
  7. by   tirzo13
    Yeah, its a bit different.
    A while ago, we got ******* at for not having escorts by the CO's.
    They don't escort us (men, older women), and we get ******* at.

    They roll there eyes when we ask for escorts, don't want to get up from what ever they are doing,dont want to say, because i may get some people upset.

    Anyway, so most of us "non young/hot nurses" quit asking and do the work without escorts.

    So after being ******* out for not having escorts, that whole week I was escorted by a female CO.
    Don't get me wrong, she could kick my butt, even though she was 5 feet tall and 100 pounds.
    Its just funny because all the inmates teased me about it.
  8. by   moongoddess1238
    Hi where I work we do the finger stick through the window ofthe nurses trap then we do the insulin the same way. there are some nurses that insist on using a treatment room for insulin but that is mostly for the medical unit (think prison meets nursing home). I wouldn't feel comfortable giving most of my inmates a syringe.
  9. by   MadisonsMomRN
    Well its 7 months later (since my original post). I am still in corrections at the same facility (med/max state prison.) I also work at a county jail too. I really like corrections. Overall I feel fine doing what I do. In the prison I work in the infirmary and don't have to worry about all the diabetics (there are 58 on one side of the compound). No biggy though. I just remain alert of my surroundings and go about my business.

    Its risky yes... but so is just about anywhere you go.