New Correctional Nurse (Armor)

  1. Hello everybody in this specialty area .I have read so many of your posts ,they were very helpful in making my decision to put in an application for correctional nurse.

    I have a few questions that I and my family would like to know and maybe somebody already employed at this company can fill me in.

    1) I was hired per-diem,is that guaranteed every other weekend and could you tell me about how many shifts are offered to you weekly or monthly..on average.Would you recommend a p/t job on the side ?
    2)If you do well and stay with the company is there any chance of getting p/t or f/t? or a desired shift down the line?I hope they use in house employees for these open slots.
    3) Any benefits for per-diem? or p/t?
    4) Uniform...colors etc?
    How long is orientation and the hours?
    5)Is there a credit check!!??
    6) weekly or biweekly pay?
    And most importantly how do you like it and any advice at all would be great!?Thank you for reading my questions,just a little anxious regarding this decision.Hope I can help in the future.Sincerely Nsgluv
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  3. by   MALENURSE50
    You are going to love working for Armor!! I'll get back to you later, and fill you in on all of your questions. I've been with the company for 6 mos and I LOVE MY JOB!!! PS e-mail me!! Are you in NY by chance?
  4. by   Hopesalive
    HI! and thank you for a quick response.I am unable to send an e-mail until I have posted 15 times.I am glad to hear you love the job!......Yes,I am in N.Y..I would love to talk more,advice is still needed.I have had a few job offers since the corrections offer and I am really leaning towards corrections for many reasons.A few answers would help.Appt. this month to get all the paper work going before orientation.Any ideas on how to connect ?

    Have a great day...look forward to hearing from you and once again thank you.
  5. by   MALENURSE50
    Check your mail nsgluv..
  6. by   Hopesalive
    Thank you,I sent you an email at your p.c. address
  7. by   Hopesalive
    I don't believe my email ,got through to you...let me know.
  8. by   NurseLite
    I loved working with Armor. Wish they would come out to California ...
  9. by   MALENURSE50
    Armor is the preeminent correctional healthcare company in America. County healthcare is obsolete, way too wasteful, and prohibitively expensive for the local municipalities. Get real and realize that inmate care HAS to be privatized to make it cost effective. GO ARMOR-- improve inmate care for less!!