I got a chance for a new job

  1. I put in for a job with the prison system its self : HIV coordinator and its a chance for a new experence in my nursing life. I hope that I am given the chance for it. It will be a real change from working the floor so to speak. Its a state job and it does not pay as much as I am making but I am needing a change. I will still be dealing with the same ones that I see and know but on a different level. :Melody: :caduceus: Come on let the good times roll!
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  3. by   jamangel
    good luck to you! Bravo also for assisting in the great fight against the world's true weapon of mass destruction!
  4. by   JailHouseTeer
    Thanks jamangel for the words of incouragement I am hoping that they come up on the pay some more I love doing what I do and I'm looking foward to this new stage of my nursing career. The head cheese has nothing but cofidence in me since he has known me my entire correctiojnal career, I feel that he will do his best to bring it up
  5. by   **nurse**
  6. by   JailHouseTeer
    homicidial nurse what unit di u wok at in Delaware? I was just there helping get ready for audits that were comming up in December? How did it come out?

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