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I read in someones post recently that when a person has been doing prison nursing for a while it effects your home life, most significantly your relationships with your partner and friends,,, ... Read More

  1. by   victorians35
    I work a female correctional facility with all security levels and death row and we are also a reception center and we have moms and baby program so we are a very unique prison and I LOVE it The female offenders are very needy and with many of them only staying for a short sentence the revolving door keeps bringing new in and sending old out. We deal with so many "real" health issues due to the lack of money, insurance or concern from the patients on the "outs." I have been a nurse in corrections for several years and I really Love the job. It is so different then the nursing home which is to be expected but so many different challenges you face. With med administration you have patients cheeking there medication, patients faking injuries, faking seizures, lying and manipulating, it is a challenge to figure out which ones really need the care and which ones are using the system. I think that I could properly asses a paitient a mile away from all the skills I have learned in corrections. I have seen prison save life's to Dx, cancer, Diabetes, HTN. All things that went unnoticed before the patients were locked up. US medical coverage is a JOKE for so many reasons but thats another thread. )So many people were not ever taught basic life skills which include simple hygiene techniques. There can be a lot of bad attitude but in return so many are so thankful to have someone actually listen to there health concerns and treat them with a bit of respect. There is a fine line that must be drawn to enforce rules and "get tough" and give appropriate care. Always staying profession is the key and never look up why the patient is locked up. You never want that in the back of your mind when treating a patient. Some of the stories I have heard of abuse that some of the women offenders had went through makes me VERY thankful with my life. Every day is a challenge however with good work rapier with your fellow nursing staff and correctional staff a job well done can be achieved.
  2. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    Quote from RN.38SPCL
    What I notice is that when I look at anyone, a new aquaintance or even just people watching in a public place, I can pick out the manipulators and pretty much make an educated guess on who has been in jail and who aught to be. Or so I think. If it looks like a family member, even spouse, might be trying to get one over on me, I really let them have it. However, that seems no different than an ER nurse telling her family over the phone, "Do not call me at work unless you have blood squirting out of your head". After a while, you just don't have time for stupid. I have a very god raport with the inmates who are actually ill and really need my case management skills.
    I like that blood squirting out of ur head, or how bout this your is yur falling off and hanging by a string it not call me back when it does , I am at
  3. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    Hey Amy I work in the same type of facility. I have ran into an irrate inmate one inmy career as a correctinal nurse. But thank Goodness nothign came on it, I let him knowi n know uncertain terms that it he tried anything it would be the last thing in life he would ever do. Don't know what he thought I had on me or would do, but what ever he thought it worked in my favor.
  4. by   markpdavid
    haha. My family noticed it when I first started working. At work you get a firm and strict mode and it translates to relationships at home. But you just have to be aware and separate the two.