does prison hire new grad RN

  1. I know prision does hire new grad lvn, i've been lvn for 2 and half yrs, never been worked in prision, and recently just got my rn, i was wondering does CA prison hire new grad rn?? thanksss for your help
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  3. by   chulada77
    Depends on the prison. There are quite a few postings on here from CA nurses saying that they are new RNs and getting hired by the prison.
    I would think your lvn experience makes you a shoe-in. Your a experienced professional new grad.
  4. by   Two Sheds
    They do here in S.C. I just graduated and passed my NCLEX-RN this past June and I heard about some RN openings at the local prison. I called for an interview and was hired on the spot! They even give you 5 sets of scrubs a year. :-) Good luck!
  5. by   bluesky197868
    Thanks you guys, I actually now is working at prison only for 2 weeks ( still at orientation stage) as LVN through registry, i hope this will give me a little advantage of getting into state prison as RN. And I just did online RN assessment test, I got 85%, alot of job assessment questions falls under LVN scope of practice and I've done it for so many times. I hope I will do a good job in prison, and they will give me a RN position
  6. by   Two Sheds
    How are enjoying it so far? I hated working in a "regular" hospital during school clinicals so I'm really looking forward to something unconventional like this. The other hospitals can take their politicking, "clients," and JCAHO and shove it.
  7. by   bluesky197868
    hello two sheds, after two weeks training, i really love it...i like hospital too, but after this, i dont wanna go back to hospital anymore. Since i got hired as lvn, so i have to pass meds at the window, but i dont want to forget bout my RN skills, so i volenteer to help out at triage room where i can observe how RNs do their work, how they take care of critically ill patient, thats a great experience.. and hopfully i will work my way up and get to that position and hired by state
  8. by   Two Sheds
    It sounds like you have a very positive attitude and love what you're doing! It's not everyone's cup of tea, but, as you said, I could never again work in a "regular" hospital again!
  9. by   dalgal
    Interview lasted almost 4 hours!! Still waiting to hear! Some of my questions were pretty common: tell me about your personality, how do you handle stress, how do you handle manipulation ...etc... good luck to everyone in the job search!
  10. by   bluesky197868
    dalgal, your interview was for RN or LVN? and how many percentage did you get when you finished your online self assessment? because i did my RN online assessment, and only got 85% and was wondering if i'm going to receive any inquire letter or not with 85%.. thanks