Does corrections nursing make you jaded?

  1. I am trying to decide between WOC, Psychiatric, Dermatology and corrections (weird combinations, I know) I think I'd enjoy working in a prison, seems like it'd never be a dull day at work. The one thing I have noticed on this corrections forum is the repeated cantation of: "They all lie", "they're manipulative" and I wonder if having that kind of mentality would make me jaded and cold. Does it make you feel that way? I worked in addiction/dual dx before (not as a nurse) however, there wasn't too much manipulating of me because they had nothing to gain from doing so-I wasn't an authority figure of any kind. I mean, I suppose they could have tried to get me to smuggle in drugs but they never would have dared such blatant manipulation; besides, they were free to go as they pleased (but in doing so would be discharged), it wasn't a lock down facility and they weren't be held against their will.

    It just worries me, I'm in the Army and I work with jaded providers everyday who think soldiers are lying to get out of the Army, deployment or a PT test. You practically have to have your guts dangling out before they take you serious. The thought of looking at everyone as a liar seems like it would be very, very exhausting....
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  3. by   joanna_rn
    I work in jail AND a hospital setting..EVERYBODY lies whether it is intentional or not. You can have your opinions about who is lying or not, but do not let that dictate your care for them. Be objective in your care, and use your objective assessments and company protocols to guide your nursing decisions.
  4. by   pdrgeez
    I have worked in corrections several years ago. I left and spent about 12-15 years in ER/trauma. I am now back in corrections and hope to stay here and make it my last job. I don't think it makes you jaded. You can become jaded in any specialty. I worked with a very jaded trauma surgeon and when you get that bad, you know that it's time to retire. You have days when you think that everyone has nothing but dental problems....but then there are situations that crop up that are absolutely unbelievable. Things you have never seen before.... You can always go in another direction. Don't let your decisions cripple you - just go for it.
  5. by   Multicollinearity
    Pretty much, if inmates lips are moving, they are lying. Doesn't mean they don't have a legit problem, though. It's an interesting specialty.
  6. by   my crazy world
    Quote from pdrgeez
    You can become jaded in any specialty.
    This is so true. I am still in the pre req phase of my nursing career that does not involve caregiving. I have thought about ether corrections/instatutions or staying in LTC. Yes they may lie and you do have diffrent things you have to look out for but they are humans no matter what that have needs. A person is a person regardless of what they have done in their past and if you can treat everyone this way then it would be an exciting career. I hear most people want to go in to nursing for peds or babies or labor and delivery, while I love children I know that this is not the specalty for me.
  7. by   Orca
    Whether you become jaded depends upon your attitude about the job. A lot of it is knowing your clientele. If you work in a state or federal prison as opposed to a jail, your population is static enough that you get to know many of your customers. At my current facility there are those we seldom hear from, those who are here all the time with various complaints and those in between. I take it as a challenge to separate the legitimate complaints from the total fabrications.

    I have no plans to leave correctional nursing, and I am hoping that my current job is my last stop before I call it a career - unless, of course, some headhunter presents me with an unbeatable offer...

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