Corrections and wearing skirts

  1. Just out of curiosity, are scrub skirts allowed in correctional nursing? I didn't know if this would be viewed as a safety issue. Really just curious.
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  3. by   GoECU
    Where I used to work we had prison issued scrubs. They were loose fitting tops and pants. No skirts. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a skirt. You already get stared at anyways, being one of the few females these guys see!
  4. by   princess pickles
    True, thanks for the info. I start a job next week and normally I wear skirts in the hospital setting. In the OR I wore what was provided and I just started thinking about where I will be working (jail type atmosphere/detention center) and the reasons I possibly should not wear a skirt. Thanks.
  5. by   Rob72
    Just a suggestion, princess p:

    If you buy your own scrubs, they should be loose enough to allow you to move easily, but not so loose as to allow extra material to grab.

    Just noticed you should be working by now- how's things going?
  6. by   chulada77
    I work in a male prison and I prefer to double layer especially the shirt just out of feeling more protected (stupid, I know). I almost always wear dark colors but sometimes when all I have clean is white scrubs, I'll wear them and I hear about it all day long, so I really try to always stick to the darks. As for skirts...........heck NO!! We have rapists, murderers, etc in the facility and they literally tell us "I got nothing but time and nothing to loss". I don't fill out my scrubs either so that keeps the staring at bay.
  7. by   princess pickles
    @rob72 & chulada77... well I learned the hard way the first day I wore a skirt because I had orientation elsewhere and then to the facility. I thought maybe classroom setting learning computer stuff or policy and procedures....nope. Walked everywhere following an LVN doing a med pass. Yep. Next day in appropriate attire. I also wear something under my scrub tops just to not give them an extra flash as I bend over. A couple of my tops are too big (extra material) I will reconsider wearing them. Thanks for the input. Job is going great. I think I offended an inmate the first day because I would not look at them when walking through the yard. I pretty much kept my focus on where I was going. Learning to be a little more respectful and keep myself professional yet courteous. It truly is a learning experience and I am enjoying the challenge.
  8. by   Rob72
    The learning curve is pretty steep.

    I recommend these to most everyone entering new situations, but esp. corrections:

    Ariely is easy to read, and really kind of fun. his specialty is the psychology of economics. considering that everything inside is a barter/exchange of some kind, it definitely applies.

    Samenow's stuff is really good. It isn't "empathetic" enough for many, but IME criminal behavior is always more a choice than something forced on individuals.

    Stay safe!