Correct Care Solutions for Shelby County (memphis) Jails...

  1. I have an interview on Monday and was wondering if anyone has any experience working in Memphis jails. I've read horrible stories and I've read great ones, but none about Memphis.
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  3. by   rockvaletn
    I've worked for CCS in Davidson County for several years and have had a great experience. I'd recommend going for the interview and asking for a tour.
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  4. by   BeachBum66
    I'm not familiar with CCS, but a former coworker of mine worked at 201 Poplar and really liked it.
  5. by   OldMareLPN
    Alot of what is good about working for a particular company, depends upon the nursing running the site. A great company with a lousy HSA is a lousy place to work and vice versa.

    good luck!

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  6. by   Orca
    Management has a lot to do with it. I am a state DON, and my agency has hired a large number of nurses who left the local county jail (which has a medical operation run by an agency). Without exception, all have said that they generally liked the job, but the administration was impossible to work for.
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  7. by   lisafer
    I interviewed with Correctcare today. I am a BSN, RN with corrections experience. What should I expect from their system? What is a reasonable salary expectation? You seem to enjoy being with them. I sure hope I do too!