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:angryfire this company should be investigated for unscrupless behavior and all employess should take out an class action suit against them. the things the do and the way they train their... Read More

  1. by   babycar

    i was an LPN for 23 years, just got my RN. My job is working with dr. and doing sick calls. when dr. off i draw all the bloods on that day. the LPNs pass meds and do drsg. changes. What i've noticed is things are just chaotic and unorganized regardless of CMS. I'm well aware of what might occur. I was just ready for a change and this too will go on the old resume. You should get your RN thru excelsior college. You study at home and take tests at sylvan learning center. Then i went for a weekend to syracuse to take my clinical. babycar.
  2. by   erroridiot
    What does "Uuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk" mean in your message?

    Is this like ewwwwwww or ick or something like that?
  3. by   Eugene09
    I so agree!