CCHP certification exam

  1. Have any of you sat for the CCHP certification exam? I am planning to sit for it and am unsure as to how to study for it. I see the recommended texts. Do we just read all of them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   anjresident
    have you taken it? how was it? any advice? I am considering on taking the exam. thanks!
  4. by   psysn
    I took it, and passed, at the NCCHC conference this past October. It wasn't too bad. I read through all the Prison standards (as my employer is a prison), and skimmed through the juvenile and jail standards. The most helpful and interesting, however, was the bigger book, Correctional Healthcare: Guidelines for Management of an Adequate Delivery System. Although I do have a habit of reading administrative and institutional directives in my downtime, which in my state were heavily inspired by the Standards, so some of the standards were review. Be warned the standards are not very exciting reading, but being more aware of them does make you much more aware of your responsibilities, and I feel a lot more confident at work knowing what the expectations really are.
  5. by   anjresident
    Thanks so much for the reply. I, too, enjoy reading policies and admin misc so it shouldnt be a hard read. I come to the conclusion I will sit for the exam as well even though it was a last minute decision. If i dont pass, at least I know how the exam is. I'm new into correctionals so I have been reading up all many books; with the cert, its an added bonus. Was debating whether or not to get the expensive books but decided i can use it for future reference- I cant wait to gain more knowledge and then more confidence. I do have one last question, that i read in other forums... are there 10 essay questions or are all m/c?
  6. by   psysn
    Multiple choice, I don't remember how many questions, around 100 maybe? Good luck!
  7. by   anjresident
    Yea thats what i thogh. The information sheet didnt say anything about essays! Thanks!
  8. by   shannonFNP
    Sorry to revive an old topic! I was wondering if you all took the CCHP or CCHP-RN? I've never worked in corrections, but have been strangely drawn to applying to a few positions when I'm certified as a FNP in a few months (assuming I pass!). I see that the CCHP-RN requires 2000 hours, which I don't have. However, I would like to learn more about the regulations in prisons, so I considered the CCHP. I also thought that this may boost my resume... Is this a waste of time? Should I just hold out until I have a job in corrections and THEN apply for the CCHP-RN?

    If I wasn't about to be licensed as an NP soon, I would just jump into a correctional RN position. However, I don't think that they'd appreciate me leaving an RN position for an NP position in the system within only a few months
  9. by   psysn
    Certification as a CCHP is required before being able to sit for CCHP-RN.

    ood luck sitting for your FNP!
  10. by   shannonFNP
    Oh, thank you! I completely missed the part where you had to have the CCHP first. I would love to test for it, but I just saw how far away all of the sites are from me (Texas)! I have ordered the books though
  11. by   shannonFNP
    Also, I'm looking for per diem agency RN jobs in corrections, but they don't have them in my area . I really am intrigued by correctional nursing. I just stumbled on the thought of it. I'm wanting to move back to my hometown, Gatesville TX, which has 5-6 prison units, including death row. There are few other jobs in the town & it's more of a commuter town. While other cities with plenty of jobs are only 20-30 minutes away, I suddenly became interested in the prison. I never considered the prison from a healthcare standpoint when I was growing up. I've always just seen the prison as a place that provides a good 70 percent of the jobs in Gatesville! Nearly everyone there wears the guard uniform!

    I have found a few 4-week travel assignments in Texas that I might consider. They even have a $1,000 completion bonus for such a short period of time.
  12. by   Findingmynitch
    I took the CCHP exam about 14 months ago. I only ended up studying the adult jail and juvenile books, and I passed the test. The jail and prison standards are close enough that you do not really need to know both. If I had to do it again, I would study just those two books. However, the thicker book, Correctional Healthcare: Guidelines for Management of an Adequate Delivery System, has some great information, but only a couple of questions come only from it.
  13. by   LANDON21AND1
    So...kind of a lot later, but what was the end result of this? Was it easy? Easier? harder than you thought? thanks!!