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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

  1. by   GenXRN
    Btw, why would they continue to hire new nurses only to tell them they will have to work 3 days out of each month for free?!
  2. by   bleugirlrn
    Hi all-
    I haven't been following this thread--I just quit San Quentin after working there for one year. Yes, all CA state employees (which includes all prison employees)have been furloughed 2 days a month since February and they've now just added a 3rd furlough day. And hopefully for the staff the state will continue to pay them in real money and not IOU's.....

    As a nurse at San Quentin (and probably all state facilities--I'm not sure) you are paid on salary. So that means that initially with the 2 day furlough, everyone's pay was cut 10% and you had to 'try' and take off the 2 days in the month. If you didn't they still cut your pay so it behooved the workers to try and get those 2 days off...Now with the 3 day furlough it will be a 15% cut automatically....and when some of your coworkers are off on their furlough the work is harder for the nurses left....less nurses to take up the's an ugly time right now to be a State emplyee IMHO....but then again, we're all lucky just to have jobs... But I can say working in the private sector is a much better situation for my personality and tempermant. Good luck to all who try the prison system, just don't go in with your eyes blinded!
  3. by   badgerjh
    It is now official,,,,,3 furlough days per month....this is a state of calif. prison system employee matter, if you are a calif. employee they are cutting back. They cannot cut back on medical staff however....but even the guards are taking fulough days the same as the nurses. Dont know what cal-trans is doing but I am sure they are doing something.....
  4. by   bleugirlrn
    Hi Ramslr--

    I haven't been active on this site or this Prison thread for awhile now. To answer your question from my experience--San Quentin does not use registries for RNs. They had a few running around but are phasing them out.They do use registries for LVNS but I think they are phasing them out, too. You could apply as a regular State employee RN if you want to, though. I'm not sure if they're hiring because of the awful mess CA is in right now. All the State workers are now being furluged 3 days per month and they'll be lucky if they don't get IOU's instead of paycheck soon. I haven't worked in any other correctional setting so I can't compare anyting to San Quentin. From Oakland it's a quick commute. I have a friend who has a friend who is now retiring from the San Francisco jail system and really like it there. Again, I don't know if they're hiring with this budget mess. I have also been told that the Jail sysem in San Mateo is a really good place to work but I don't have any personal experience there.

    Good luck!
  5. by   GenXRN

    I don't mean to sound intrusive, but would you mind sharing why you decided to resign from SQ? I've been offered a position there, and I'm really struggling with everything that's going on with the furloughs, possible IOUs in lieu of pay and everything else. I'm just not sure I'm interested in working for free for three days a month and taking a 15% pay cut right from the start. I'm not exempt from having bills to pay. I have wanted to call someone from the personnel office at SQ to discuss my concerns, but I've hesitated in doing that b/c I'm not sure if I'd get an accurate answer right now. I would be moving from another state, which would be extremely costly just to get there and find out that it wasn't what I was told or expected. Any insights that you can share would be most appreciated.
  6. by   peaceful
    Think carefully about turning down position. Yes there are 3 days furlough. The pay is still awfully high, benefits wonderful and pension not bad. Several holidays throughout the year paid. Are you familar with correction environment? Did you fly out for interview? Just curious. The downside is they own you. Your schedule until you earn time is whatever they say. Don't call HR and ask lots of questions, like your a trouble maker. Call and be super cooperative and professional asking clarification on pay or days off (furlough days). Good luck on your decision making!
  7. by   GenXRN

    Thank you for your reply. From your response, you must work for the CDCR. Yes, I realize the pay is exceptional, even for the area. I can't even begin to compare it to my salary where I currently live. It would be like comparing apples to oranges. I also realize that the benefits are awesome, too. Yes, I am very familiar with the corrections environment. I've worked in both management and nursing staff positions within my state prison system and a county jail. No, I did not fly out for an interview. I was offered a phone interview instead. I wasn't sure how it went since it was really difficult to determine how the interviewers were reacting to my responses to their questions. I was very surprised and stunned when I received a call two weeks later offering me a preliminary job offer. With everything I've been following in the media, I found it surprising that they were continuing to hire new staff. They didn't mention what my starting salary would be. I just assumed it would be at the low end of the salary range. I still don't know. I've been very hesitant to call and ask. It's a very important piece of information to know, but it just feels awkward. Yes, I was wondering about the schedule issue. It kind of makes it difficult to work per diem shifts elsewhere to supplement your income if needed. Three furlough days is equivalent to a lot of pay lost in spite of the high salary. Who knows how long it will last with CA's economy in such dire straits right now... Moving to CA will be an expensive venture. Real estate prices (even for rentals) are outrageous...along with many other things. My husband keeps reminding me that I will be making a higher salary to accommodate the higher cost of living, but I'm still weary. I do know that corrections is my niche. I've worked in many areas of nursing since I've been a nurse, basically searching for the one thing that holds my attention and doesn't burn me out to the point where I dread the thought of clocking in yet one more shift. There is always something new and interesting going on in corrections, and you always have to be on your toes and aware of the environment. It fits my personality well. Thank you for your advice and words of wisdom and support. I'll be making my final decision once they make a formal offer.
  8. by   coffy25
    anybody interviewed for any of the Vacaville / solano state prisons and was offered a job? I am waiting for a reply and i interviewed for the solano correctionals and psychiatric programs. I am a new graduate and very interested in acute psych/forensic nursg.

    I also need information on the difference between a correctional medical facility RN Vs Correctional RN Vs psychiatric correctional in terms of patient acuity, equipment, and staff safety.
  9. by   coffy25
    HELP, I have an interview tomorrow At the CMF in vacaville. I am a new graduate and i have gone to alot of interviews and exhausted all efforts during months of job hunt. I dont know if il get a response since its tomorrow. but anyone out there know what the interview questions are like and how to prepare for them at the Calif. medical facility in Vacaville? any tips appreciated, thank you!
  10. by   lynette.johnson
    Hi, I am interviewing for San Quentin on Teusday. I am so nervous because I don't interview well. can anyone tell me how the interview process goes and what type of q's they ask? I am also wondering how acute the care at SQ is? I am working at a SBF right now. My thought is that it the care will be sismilar and that if they need any acute care thay go to a hospital? Am I correct? Thanks for any info.
  11. by   gcwNEWGRAD09
    I have been offered a RN FT position at North Kern County State Prison in CA. I am a new-grad. Penny for your thoughts....
  12. by   waggykeeper
    qcwNEWGRAD09, just wondering if you have started the job yet? Is it hard to be a new grad and start with a prison RN job? Did you receive good training?
  13. by   miatagirl707
    WhoMeaNurse, I work at Coalinga State Hosp, as registry now, Dept of Mental Health and I know Corrections RNs make about 500-1000 more base pay than DMH, plus including drop w/furloughs too.

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