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I am considering a position as a correction

nurse in a male facility. Want to know the pros and cons of this type of nursing.

Thanks for any info you can provide


Guest V. Eagen

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I have been working in a male correctional facility for 2 1/2 yrs. I really enjoy myself. I am a charge nurse on the 7-3 shift and alot can happen during these hours. Every day is different. I was such a cream puff when I first started but now I can weed out the fakes and the munipulators. My jail has about 700 inmates and it can be a real challenge. The officers are very helpful and they really watch out for us. If you have any more ?, Please don't hesitate to E-mail me, I'd love to share my "war" stories!!!


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I have worked as a NP in a men's max. facility and found it to be a great learning

experience. It takes about six months to get comfortable with your practice and to learn all the con games. You need a very clear focus on what your vulnerabilities are and to know how to keep within limits.I sometimes have had difficulties with the limitations that are set by the restricted environment as to access to health care for the inmates.


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Do correctional nurses have to be RN's or can they be LPN's? I'm a new LPN grad and correctional nursing sounds interesting to me.


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The correctional facility that I have worked at used both RN and LPN staff .Generally the pay is fairly competitive with hospitals.


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In most states, both RN's and LPN's are used. Some jurisdictions use unlicensed patient care technician but they are often called correctional technicians. Not all states have competative wages with the private sector - it depends on who is managing the health services since many have gone with private contractors. Correctional nursing can be fun, rewarding, and challenging. It seems like there are never two days that are alike.


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I have worked for min-max security woman's facility in Central CA for the last year and love my job. I would like to find a similar position in Washington State or Oregon. I want to relocate closer to my family, but still work in the same kind of environment. We have a great time at work and a full understanding of the manipulative ways of the inmates. Ask me about my war stories smile.gif. Any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks.


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I have worked as a nurse in prisons in Australia for about ten years - and I'm still here. It can be an exciting area of nursing - you never know what will come through the door just like in an Emergency Unit in a general hospital. The three rules I use to work in such a 'negative' environment is

1) Have a keen sense of humour

2) Be positive / stay positive and

3) see number 1).

Just be wary - I have it on good authority that some of the inmates are 'criminals' and 'liars'...

Mark Bravery - Health Services Coordinator

Sir David Longland Correctional Centre

Wacol Qld Australia (yes - where those inmates escaped under gunfire...)


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I am a hoping to be a nurse someday (still finishing up those pre-req's) :) ... but was always somewhat interested in Correctional Nursing. I've read so far that some of you are willing to share specific stories and experiences in this specialty. I would be very grateful to hear these stories. I'm so much the curious cat, oh and don't worry about discouraging me.... I am aware of what I'm asking for.

.... keep up the good work everyone....

renerian, BSN, RN

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I am considering picking up some corrections shifts at a woman's prison.

Can I ask what type of things you do during the day? I know I most definately do not want to do cavity searches.



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when I did that type of work a regular shift was setting up meds then doing medline (passing out the pills), attending to emergencies such as sports injuries, chest pain, seizures, etc...

did intakes, blood draws. I also did a lot of education about STD's. I worked by myself with 1 guard on second shift for almost a year, some nights that was not fun but at least I stayed busy.

Renerian, at least try a shift or two you might like it.

I am planning on going back "to prison" some day.

Jailhouse RN

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I have been a corrections nurse for 6 years and I find it interesting and entertaining. You have to have top notch assessment skills and a sense of humor. It doesn't hurt to have a little emergency nursing background. I love my job. No two days the same. As my other half says "Where else can you have your bad attitude and have it be acceptable?" Best of luck, you'll enjoy the job.

William Chapman RN

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