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I am a Bsn Rn in Ny but have been a nurse from 2010. I recently finished Bsn and applied to Corpus Christi SPohn in Texas. I am really wanting to move out of NYC . I have spoken to 2 recruiters from there and had a phone interview with a Med surg manager, she invited me to come for a face to face and sounded very interested. Anyone recently interviewed there? What was it like, did they have a med exam also , any advice will help, also if you work there can you tell me a bit about the work environment, thank you guys


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Bump!! Anyone!


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Uhmm I'm in Texas, and don't know much about Corpus Christi SPohn, but I can tell you that with 3-4 years experience, you can find lots of jobs in Texas. Corpus Christi isn't the best area, IMO, but not the worst either. If you plan to come for an interview, I recommend that you apply several places, try to get as many interviews as you can within a short visit.


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I agree with pp. have many interviews lined up if ur coming all this way. I've known ppl that have gotten hired in SA from out of state with out a face to face, anyway I like Corpus lots of things to do but Christus is a low paying company compared to others. At least in San Antonio they r. Good luck!!!


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Thank you guys, I think I will try some hospitals in San Antonio . My experience is more in the sub acute area though so now that I have Bsn I really want to get into acute care hopefully I can make the best of my trips in TExas.

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Oh my. Corpus Christi is extremely different than NYC. Very 'small town' in terms of entertainment, shopping, etc. PP is correct, salaries are on the low side and the area is not economically diverse - lots of petrochemical. Hurricane country means much higher property insurance costs. Coastal town - very blah landscape other than the beach. Schools are not stellar. The two biggest employers are CHRISTUS Spohn & the school district.

On the plus side? Easy driving distance to San Antonio & 4.5 hours from Houston. Housing is far less expensive. Home to 4-year university TAMUCC. World-class tacos at Moody's taco stands. When you visit, be sure to drive out to "the island" (Padre) where there are more upscale housing options.

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