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Coronavirus impact on NYC vs NY State


Has 2 years experience.

Somebody is asking me about a worst case scenario. Do they stay in the city or is leaving to upstate safer because of much less population density? In the last DiBlasio update he said he thought the shut down of Italy was too extreme and it is going to have economic repercussions for years. He says he really doesn't want to do it but we know there is a point wher he may have to like all these cities in china. He says avoid crowds but the big problem is subways and buses and people with no masks. With 8 million people ICU could fill to capacity quickly. If they lock down and weeks go by getting food to all the people in these big buildings could be very challenging. She is wondering with all this population density that if we turn into Italy is it going to be a lot safer upstate? I'm guessing it's safer but it's also hard to estimate in some given place upstate like Ithica, Syracuse or a smaller place like Hudson their healthcare capacities relative to the population size but it seems like other things, food supply, law and order would be much easier to manage outside of NYC. Withe the density here they will have to bring in National guard like in New Rochelle. This is a highly international city there has got to be dozens or hundreds of carriers, some asymptomatic exponentially spreading it as the days go by to get the testing together

If the small towns were smart they would keep the city slickers out of their stores and businesses until the pandemic is on the down tick...