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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Nurse Survey: The Outbreak Continues


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As the Coronavirus continues to evolve, we want to hear from you. How are things going? What are you experiencing in your area? You are reading page 2 of Coronavirus / COVID-19 Nurse Survey: The Outbreak Continues. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.


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On 3/28/2020 at 5:35 AM, NurseB.MN said:

As of now it just seems like a waiting game until the virus spreads and every floor has it. I am grateful for my position now but anxious for the time coming and the unknown. I wish I was doing more and could help the ones overwhelmed by the positive cases and rule out patients.

THIS. I work as a CNA/ED Tech in San Diego and things have been somewhat slower than I had expected in the ED. It's been like this for the past I'd say, 3 weeks? But, at the same time we are told to expect a surge within the coming weeks. Leaves me feeling grateful it's not crazy, but also anxious not knowing when are how bad it will be.

I too wish I could do be doing more. I help care for the positive and rule-outs every night I work, but I don't feel I am anywhere near what places like Italy and New York are experiencing. So thank you to those in areas overwhelmed for your hard work AND those on the units caring for positive patients here and everywhere

kbrn2002, ADN, RN

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I work in dialysis in an area that so far hasn't been too affected. A few positive cases in our county, nothing in my community..yet. There is a plan in place for how to change schedules and clinic locations to accommodate any positive cases we might get.

So far I haven't seen a shortage of PPE, but if this continues much longer even a well prepared facility is going to start running low on supplies.


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I work as a CNA on an all covid-19 floor. Currently, 16 patients. I was assigned 8. So overwhelmed I nearly quit my job. The RN's were only assigned 2 patients each and they kept sending me into their patients rooms for things they forgot to do when they administered meds...like moving the patients table back near their bedside. I shouldn't have to go into a room because the RN forgot to return the table back near the bedside. I donned and doffed 46x last night. Properly washing hands takes 20 seconds. Sanitizing my eyewear takes 10 seconds at least...All patients were 2 hour turns and 4 hr vitals. I don't know how to bring this up with management but it is unsafe. The RN's are understandably scared of being in their patient's rooms but they are putting an unreasonable strain on me. Most of the RN's are not nice on my unit, too, which combined with added stress of COVID-19 conditions, I am highly thinking of resigning. My family wants me to quit due to the conditions. We don't have N95 masks just 1 mask per shift. I fear that I won't be able to find another job without a reference from my current employer. None of supervisors would provide one if I quit right now.


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That is very disappointing and sad how some units are so low on PPE that they are having to sink to such low standards. It sounds very unsafe and seems like they need to increase their staffing. I am an RN and it makes me sick to hear how many patients the NA’s I work with have some days. The nurses should be taking more responsibility and initiative to help you guys out. I would report to management how unsafe you feel working and the great amount of stress it is putting on you as well as a waste of the PPE. They can hopefully atleast reach out to the nurses to be more mindful of clustering their cares and splitting up a bit more of the load especially with having only two patients . Hope this gets figured out for you. Stay safe, you will be able to find another job, your safety matters too!

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