Convicted of 2 dui's....any advice regarding BON?



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I have 2 DUI's 2003,2008. I am extremely concerned about getting approval from BON.I currently live in VA. Anyone have any advice on how to approach BON with this? As you all know Nursing is one of the hardest studies one can do. I hope they will take into consideration all of the hard work I have put into bettering my life and pursuing my dreams. I am also a straignt A student:) Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thx!


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I had a friend with 2 DUIs and not only was he granted an unrestricted license in a Compact state, he also serves as an RN in the national guard (his application had to be approved by the commander of the base w/ waivers but still). It's important to provide documentation indicating you have learned from your past mistakes (letters of reference, assessments, etc.) but I dont believe you should have trouble. Good Luck!

Well sorry I can't give advice yet, but I am in the same situation and anxiously awaiting my answer from the BON in Florida. I sent in my app on Jan 12, so I should be able to offer you some encouragement soon. I have 2 DUIs from 1991, so 21 years ago. The first was plead no contest and fines, probation, adjudication witheld etc. The second was adjudicated guilty. Probably not much difference there, but just to clarify. I am hopeful that I will get licensed, but may very well have to go to the BON in person since it was repeats. I had a consultation with a MSN/Attorney who represents medical professionals for licensure in Florida and she said I will get licensed, but there is a risk of getting a conditional license, which is as bad as getting denied. I will update you when I know something, but I have the long length of time on my side so it may not be a good comparison for you if I have a good outcome.

Good Luck!

How old were your friends DUI's and how old were they when he got licensed? thanks!

Thanks for the response ocdstacy. Yes, please keep me updated. I think you should be fine considering the length of time. Keep your head up and good luck!!:)

Just thought of another question. Did you have a hard time getting accepted into a nursing program? If so, what were you required to do to get accepted?

I did not have a problem getting accepted at school. I went to a public community college.

I got my ATT today! I hope that gives you some hope!