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Hi! I am a 35 year old project manager, thinking of changing careers. I have a BA degree in a non-medical field and have worked professionally for over ten years. I have seen a lot of programs to convert a bachelors degree to a BSN and wanted to know if anyone had any advice about beginning? I am located in KY and considering U of L of University of KY. I would like to go part time if possible as I have a family and need to continue my current career as long as possible - it's 8 -5 Mon - Fri. (I know this may not be possible in clinicals). Ultimately, my goal is to become a nurse practitioner. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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You should investigate accelerated BSN programs as they are for people in your circumstances. However, you need to be prepared for an intense program. Some people transfer to traditional BSN programs when they find they can't keep up.


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I 2nd the above post, however, all I have heard of require you to do the program full time as they are very intense. No way to work a FT job while doing one. Maybeyou can look at a local CC program as they will often have courses in the evenings on a part time basis. Then at least you will have your RN and then can go back to get your BSN or do an RN to MSN program.

I'm in a similar situation and am looking into univ of wisconsin oshkosh - they have an accelerated, online, BSN. You have one on one clinicals in your home area and have to go there three times during the program for a short time.

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