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Dont know why I am asking this but I want to see the answers.I am going to be in nursing school this Fall and I know that clinicals wont be so far behind.I have my converse sneakers that I adore.Comfortable,I have run in them,and I do have a white pair.Can I wear these?Clogs slip off but I am okay with regular sneakers like champion or skechers.Anyone wear chucks?

I would make sure that you're comfortable being on your feet in your chucks for 8-12 hours a day. I wore mine on a trip to Chicago when I was walking 10-12 miles a day and severely regretted it. I had major blisters on the bottoms and sides of my feet and a couple of my toes were actually bleeding. For my STNA clinicals I wore my regular walking sneakers and was pretty okay on my feet all day but would've ended up painful feet in my converse.

Yes, there's a big difference between shoes being comfortable for typical daily activities, or even short intervals of active sports activities, and being comfortable while you're on your feet, working, for 8 or 12 hours.

Definitely depends on school policy. With that being said, i find converse completely inappropriate for any nursing/clinical setting. They just look unprofessional and really aren't that comfortable for 8 hour days. It's so important to invest in the right nursing shoes that will not only compliment your scrubs and be comfortable, but will also show that you are serious about your profession and not wear shoes that I personally commonly associate with casual clothing and young adults.

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My school requires all white leather shoes as well. It is definitely up to your schools dress code.

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