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Contract questions, in over my head


Hello everyone. I'm looking at starting a travel nurse position, and I'm slowly learning that I don't really know what I'm doing. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer me on the contract that was just offered to me. I'm going to avoid some specifics, but try to put the relevant information here.

Hourly rate: Not much.

Daily stipend for food and board: Let's say, $100+. Am I right that's 7 days/week, even if I'm working four 10-hour shifts/week? The contract doesn't really specify.

Here's the big problem. I'm looking at doing that without really travelling and I'm not sure if my agency understands that or cares. I'm currently living with the parents (about 100 miles away from the job) but planning on getting an apartment much closer to the job in about a week's time. I'll be moving with my wife and kids.

It seems to me that the pay (specifically quoted as 'after-tax' pay) quoted to me over the phone before I saw the contract was assuming that most of my income would not be taxable. But since I am moving nearby to the job site and not planning on using my parents' address in the future, I'm thinking that:

1) I may not even qualify for this contract

2) even if I do qualify, my income would surely be taxable, and the figure I was quoted would be incorrect.

I'm not certain if either one is correct or if I'm missing something big.

Any advice or clarity you could provide would be much appreciated.

As a traveler, you need a permanent residence for tax purposes. You should keep your parents address as your permanent resideñce also for licensing concerns.

Is there a reason that you are providing. Your own housing?

If your home state has income tax, check into their requirements for working away from home.

Go with a reputable company that will take the time to answer all of your questions. Don't be afraid to refuse a contract if it doesn't feel like a good fit.

What is your specialty

Thank you for the help.

My specialty is intensive care. For most of my work experience, my employers have not used travel nurses, so I'm not especially familiar with the ins and outs of it.

I'm thinking it'll be a problem for me to use my parents' address, as my wife will be living at the new address and was intending on using it as her permanent address for jobs, taxes, school services, etc. Am I understanding correctly that not having an additional 'permanent address' basically keeps me from doing travel nursing entirely?

Thanks again.

Sure you "qualify", unless the hospital has a restriction greater than 100 miles (some do so they don't hurt permanent staff recruitment). From an IRS standpoint, your home will be where you move to, which is the same as the job location. So you don't qualify for any special tax treatment. You will have to inform the agency to tax all your compensation.

Per diems are usually quoted times seven days a week. Sometimes by the week. Never by the shift.

All of this seems moot to me. Why not just get a staff job? You may be paid more and get benefits (traveler benefits suck - no sick/PTO pay, holidays, or vacation, and the health insurance is usually much worse), and may get relocation expenses (which may come with a two year commitment - you may want to not take it if you plan on really becoming a traveler).