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Contract Extension


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Just throwing this out there, has anyone ever had a contract extended without their knowledge or permission? I had a PerDiem contract extended without my knowledge recently and can't really get out of it without making myself ineligible for rehire at the hospital.

I know it sounds crazy, but I had called my recruiter a month before my contract was to end with some concerns about the hospital and the hiring/firing of other travelers. They had offered me an extension, which I appreciated but I was already over extended with working my FT contract and I wasn't crazy about extending. He never called me back, and a month later, he called to ask me something about a time sheet and it came out that he had extended me with the PerDiem hospital a month earlier. He says he sent me the contract, but I never got it. I finally got it this past week, to sign of course. He also said that when I called him, I said I wanted to extend.... that is incorrect.

I'm just wondering what kind of recourse I would have if this was a contract that I was unable to honor. Or if anyone has ever had that happen before .

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I know nothing.. but don't sign the contract?


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He's really put me between a rock and a hard place because, so many contracts are verbal agreements. Its his word against mine. I'm fighting this battle by never using him again, luckily the staff at the hospital is really great. I was curious about recruiters who were bullys like that as well!

For starters, per diem is literally by the day. No contract, other than to establish a relationship where you can book individual shifts. If you do block booking, that can be a contract but it is usually rather casual. Or perhaps you are doing a local travel contract.

Regardless, I'm not understanding your situation. You have two full time contracts? Same agency? A staff job and a local contract? Why would you care if you are DNR'd from a job you don't want anyway? Why can't you explain what happened to the hospital? Why would you continue to work for an agency who expects you to uphold a contract you didn't sign nor was even told about? What does this have to do with a travel nurse forum?

Lots of questions! Perhaps you can clear up some of them and we can suggest a direction.