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continuing education

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I am a new grad and about to start my first job. I have 3 kids and my fiance just moved here from Ohio and is starting a new job as well. I am wanting to continue on with my education because I have a ADN but I ultimately want to be a CRNA or an NP. So how early is too early to go back to school after starting a new job? Or any advice from personal experience with this type of thing?? I would have went straight through to have my BSN but the school I went to didn't have the 4 year program at the time. Thanks in advance for any feedback :)

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Let me move this to general nursing discussion for more answers.

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It's never too early to go back to school: the year I graduated, I received the ADN in the spring, got hired over the summer, and was starting on the BSN that same year. And eventially I'll finish that BSN :)

You should have no problem immediately starting a RN-BSN program. Keep in mind that the first year practicing as a nurse can be tough, so you may not want to go back to school full-time while you put in your first year dues.

However, a lot of graduate programs, especially CRNA and NP, often require a year or two of nursing experience in order to be eligible to apply. Check with the program that you are interested in for the specific details.

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Go back soon. Don't wait over 10 years like I did. I am just now going back. If you want to start soon then do it.