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Does anybody know anything about this company? Reviews, or if there are better ones etc. I am a new grad from Canada looking to work in the UK, i guess everyones heading down south due to the economy? I am an EU national so i dont need a visa/permit. Just trying to figure out the best way to get a job to start with. I have no speacialty. Anyone have any ideas.. Anything would help! Please!Was thinking of going with this company, continental.travelnurse as they reimburse me 200 quid of my ONP cost after the second contract. Ideas, Thoughts.. anything?

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Did you do your training in Canada?

If so, you don't qualify for automatic reciprocity; you must go through the non-EU route, although you won't need a special visa to work in the UK. Also, if you trained in Canada, you must have at least one year's experience in order to work in the UK.

I've heard of a few people using Continental and they seemed to like it; do a search on the forum.

Hi there,

Yes i did get trained in canada, and yes i know i have to go the non eu route, just a benefit that i am already a citizen and therefore dont have to worry about limiting my work etc. Ive done some research on their company but havent found too much. I just wanted some first hand testimonials etc, the good the bad the brilliant and ugly with people who have used them, or if there are better companies out there.


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Jobs in the NHS is hard due to economics and many trusts struggling becausenomoneymeaning many trusts will not be using agencies.if you do not require a work permit better to get NMC and ONP out of the way yourself and look for work. Remember NMC requires you to have 12 months work experience

Thanks Silverdragon. Do you know if you can start applying before your one year experience? I started work in May 12, can i start applying in Jan? or does it have to be in May? Also what is the 1500 of "clinical hours" is it what i had to do as practicums in school?

Thanks again!

Another question, how long can i have a license with the NMC and NOT practice. Like what if i get it and cant find a job, but maybe think of going over in a couple of years. What are the requirements of holding the license without practicing?

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i maintained my license and didn't work for 12 months so as long as you meet requirements you should be ok but will have to maintain your prep folder which is continual learning.

you need to wait until the 12 months are up because references will be required. clinical hours are practice hours where theory hours is school time ie lectures and reading, writing essays etc

for all three year nursing courses, at least half (or 2300 hours) must be in clinical or

practical training, and at least one third (or 1533 hours) must be theoretical training. information trained outside europe.pdf

Mine was a bachelors, so 4 years and EEP!!! that seems like a lot!! hope i have it! Thanks for all your help

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You don't actually need all those hours, you need at least 1500 and more than half of those must be clinical hours. Or so it's worked for all the American/Canadian kids that were in the ONP class with me. I ended up with something just less than 1600.

You can be working in Canada to have it count as practice time for the requirements. I don't plan to move to the UK for several years, but work in the US and just have to pay a fee every year and turn in continuing education if asked...

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