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Sponsored Topics

A Sponsored Topic will allow you to share your message (unique article) on Don't have a writer in your team? Don't worry. You can work with one of our writers.

Bonus: All Sponsored Topics are archived on adding to your company's branding and SEO campaigns.

Sponsored Topic Specifications:


  • 30-80 characters (55 is preferred)
  • No click baiting
  • Short and to the point
  • Clear and specific; It should describe the topic.


  • Minimum 700 words
  • Must be unique
  • Must be appealing to our audience (nurses/nursing students)

NOTE: Date of publication will depend on number of articles awaiting publication.

Article Image

  • Captivating article image 336×280px max
  • Other images may be added within the body

NOTE: To further your brand's exposure, we require all sponsors to complete their 'Trusted Brand' Persona (profile). The profile page serves to build additional trust with the audience and is an excellent way to expose our nursing audience to your message across a variety of mediums and platforms.

Sponsor Account

  • Sponsor must set up a 'Trusted Brand' Persona account or have one set up for them
  • Username must be the name of the sponsoring agency or brand
  • Password must be shared with the Community Manager for access to account
  • Company Brand Name (visible in article and profile)
  • Company Bio (visible in article and profile)
  • Homepage URL (optional)
  • Social Network URLs (optional)
  • Avatar image 100×125 px (max)

Sponsored Surveys

Survey our users on the topic of your choosing. All surveys are launched with a dedicated eblast and promoted to our social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) audience.Your survey will be posted on and will be seen by thousands of users. This is an excellent venue for collecting valuable data to improve your business offerings.

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