Brand Partnership Program


What is a Brand Partnership?

The Brand Partnership Program is a marketing collaboration between and organizations or companies that offer nursing related products and services.

If you want to increase brand awareness, sales, traffic, and customer base then contact us today. We want to work with you.

Simply put, the Brand Partnership Program is built specifically to reach our audience (nurses + nursing students). We can work with you one-on-one in creating a successful marketing campaign. We are flexible and have experts (ie. content writers, videos, graphics, etc) in-house to fit your needs.

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Largest Nursing Audience is a Career and Support destination for Nurses and Students. Our members represent more than 60 nursing specialties.

We have an audience of over 1 million readers. We have the platform and we have the followers.

If you believe your product is a great fit for our audience then we want to work with you. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship.

A Win-Win Partnership

This is a winning proposition. The more you're involved the bigger your return on investment (ROI).

We offer the following Cost-Effective Options to all partners:

  • 'Trusted Brand' Persona (free) - If you are interested in being added to our Trusted Brands directory you will be required to submit unique article(s) and participate on the site.
  • Contest Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Advertisement
  • Display Advertisement

Marketing Partnership Options

'Trusted Brand' Persona

Creating a Trusted Brand persona (account) is required from all Partners.

Trusted Brand personas stand out. They are labeled as ‘Trusted Brands’ and they can be found in our Trusted Brands directory.

We encourage all Partners to start a Trusted Brand persona on This is cost-effective for many startups. Basically, it comes down to sharing content (ie. Articles, How To, Videos, Podcasts, Topics, and Comments) about your brand or product.

This option is FREE. We only require that content is unique (not published elsewhere) and without promotional language (no links to your website). All articles are approved before going public. Once we approve your account and receive your first article, your account will be labeled as 'Trusted Brand'.

The more content you create the more exposure you get.

Getting Started

To get started, please contact us by submitting our Brand Partnership application.

Brand Partnership Application

How can this benefit my company? is a community of nurses and students. The more engaged you are with the community the more your Brand stays visible to them.

Use this opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors. Engage with our audience. Don’t try to sell your product. (This doesn't work.) Teach them. Inform them. Tell your story, or better yet, tell them how you came through for a customer.

The goal is to connect with our audience. The more engaging an article is, the more it will be promoted across multiple channels (main page, search, email, newsletter, facebook, Twitter, etc). 

Contest Marketing

We run a few contests throughout the year. These contests get a lot of exposure. Your brand can be promoted alongside other partners or by itself.

Contest Examples:

Contest Giveaway Product

If you have a product you want to include as part of a giveaway, please contact us. 

Contest Sponsorship

We offer exclusive and co-sponsored contests. 

Exclusive Sponsorships are completely customizable. You are in control.

Co-Sponsorship is an affordable option. You can co-sponsor a contest for as little as $250. Upcoming 2020 contests...

  • Article Contests
  • Toon Contests
  • Nurses Week Contest (starts April)
  • 12 Days Of Giveaways (starts November)

Each contest typically runs for 30 days. They are heavily promoted across all channels. An Article Contest generally runs for 3 months.

TIP: To maximize ROI, we recommend you sponsor an "exclusive" Article Contest around your product.

Content Marketing

Article Sponsorship

Share your expert voice by writing an informative and impactful article to publish at By writing a minimum of 600 words, your article is more likely to be indexed by search engines. To further your brand’s exposure, be sure to complete your brand’s profile page. Your profile page serves to build additional trust with the audience and is an excellent way to expose our nursing audience to your message across a variety of mediums and platforms.

Magazine Sponsorship

allnurses Magazine is a high-quality digital publication targeted towards America’s most trusted profession – NURSES! Reach an audience of thousands who regularly download our free magazine for its impactful writing and captivating visual presentation. By writing a feature-length article for allnurses Magazine, your brand can craft your own captivating message and present your message to thousands of nurses from across the United States.

Email Advertising

Newsletter Sponsorship

Reach our list of over 100,000 nursing professionals via our twice-weekly email Newsletter Sponsorship opportunities. You can choose written content to blend seamlessly with our curated articles and topics or create an ad to stand out. Written Newsletter Sponsorship opportunities consist of a headline, one paragraph of text, your brand’s logo, a call to action, and clickable URL where applicable. When choosing an ad-based Newsletter Sponsorship, your brand can create a 300x250 pixel image coupled with a clickable URL to drive readers to your brand’s landing page.


Share your message with over 100,000 nurses by using our popular and effective eBlast. Create an impactful and informative message which is solely yours. Own the screen and drive users to your website. This is an excellent choice for educational institutions, service providers, employers, and more! Create a 600 pixel wide eBlast and grab attention with this trusted marketing option.

Display Advertising

Traditional advertising methods are always a reliable and trusted approach to convey your message. Regardless of your goals, display advertising options are a trusted way to connect with potential customers.

Ad Banners

Banner ads are always evolving but have been a familiar piece of the internet almost since day one. This cost-effective advertising method allows you to check all of the boxes of an effective marketing campaign. Target your banner ads to specific geographic areas, specific website audiences on, various days or times, and more! By keeping your banner ad messages fresh and simple and working with our team of experts, this traditional online advertising tactic can be a successful piece of your marketing puzzle.

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