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Consulting the gurus.


I'm happily venturing into an direct-entry master's program with a focus on public health. I certainly have experience working in underprivileged areas, planned parenthood, and so forth, but I'm curious how the job market will be like when I graduate? I know that many of the nurses reading these forums aren't trained economists, but I would certainly like to read some of your opinions. Moreover, do you think that health-care reform will expand some of the opportunities for nurses going into these areas?

Thanks for your time.

BCgradnurse, MSN, RN, NP

Has 11 years experience. Specializes in allergy and asthma, urgent care.


Are you planning on getting your NP or your CNS? Do you want to provide direct patient care or deal more with policy? There are more jobs out there for those wanting to provide direct patient care. I work in a community health center in an underserved area as a primary care provider, and I know the need is out there. Check out the National Health Service Corps website (google it). They can give you a good idea of the current opportunities in underserved areas.


I've been looking at programs that will allow me to obtain a post-master's certification to be a family nurse practitioner. However, I haven't seen any programs that will allow me to obtain a post-master's public health nursing certification, and I don't see that being a feasible option if the DNP program is implemented in 2015. If that happens, I will then work for some time and apply for the DNP. Also, I live in Texas and after I graduate I'm not confined to Texas and am willing to relocate to where I can find a job.

I would like to implement more direct patient care, and that is why I would like to obtain the post-master's certification after wards.

Thanks for the reply.


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