Considering Relocating: Thoughts? Suggestions?


Hello Everyone.

I am a nursing student who will be finished in August. My new husband and I are looking into relocating to the Raleigh, Durham area. (Is it called the Triangle?) My brother in law lives in Raleigh and speaks very highly of the area and the cost of homes, since we are looking into buying our first home as well.

I am just wondering if people can offer suggestions as to the better places to work as a Nurse (pay, benefits, etc.)

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!


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I am from the Charlotte area...but I have heard that Wake Med (Raleigh) pays very well and they have some good new nurse internships. Also UNC Hospitals (Chapel Hill) has some very good nurse residencies--(I am graduating in December, and I have talked with them about the critical care residency). Duke (Durham), I think pays pretty decent. I recall speaking with a recruiter in October and I have a sheet of what they pay w/diffs and if i am recalling accurately they are pretty good. I can get you a definitive answer on that if you want. I know this isn't much help, but I wanted to add something.


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Congrats on your wedding and upcoming graduation. As for Raleigh, I agree with your brother in is FANTASTIC! I left PA and went to NC as a travel nurse and worked at UNC in Chapel Hill as a traveler for 2 years and loved it. We then bought a home in Raleigh and I worked as a regular staff member at Rex Hospital, smaller community hospital but very nice. We were going to relocate 3 years ago and I was going to work at Wake which is also nice. Duke is of course world renowned but the docs think they are God and the nurses are not as appreciated as they should be, but that is just what I heard, no first hand experience there and as we all know, that can happen anywhere. I am since divorced and my son and I are getting ready to head back to Raleigh as soon as school is out. Will go back as a traveler and any of the above hospitals are fine with me. The weather, the people, nightlife etc, can't be beat. Close to beach, mountains, very up and coming place, lot's of young people. I say go for it! Good Luck

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