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Hello all

I recently passed the state boards 3 months ago in California. Jobs around San Diego has been really tough for a new grad. I graduated with my ASN this year as well. I will start the BSN program at SDSU next fall. The navy has always been of interest to me ever since I started nursing school. Being in a military family made me well aware of the moving and deployment. But is it really worth it in the long run to be a nurse in the navy? I checked out the navy website and contacted a recruiter but so far no reply. With todays economy and health care issues it seems like a good choice. But civilian nurses have a bit more control with their work. Can someone please explain the pros and cons on it?

Thank you again!


I have several friends who joined the military either during or after nursing school. None of them regret it.

Just to inspire you:

Seriously, this makes me want to join the navy. I love that band!!!!

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I know several former Navy nurses and they loved it. They will put you to work and you'll get any experience you need to get your next job. You didn't list your age or family status. Being young and single with no kids makes it easy to deploy and serve. Take the freedom while you have it! I'm in the process of joining the Air National Guard as a divorced Dad so there is a lot more to think about. Best of luck!

Thanks for the replies so far. Much appreciated. I'm 24 and single. My gf and I plan to marry in the next 2 years when she finishes school.

Any more info would be appreciated.

Since we don't have nurses in the Coast Guard, I've been thinking about switching into the Air Force to be a nurse. My recommendation is to look at all the branches. Look at what they all offer.

I have never regretted my experience in the military. If you & your someday spouse can handle the moving & unexpectedness of orders that come, then I say check it out. You can get some pretty good training & opportunities. There is also an option of Reserves (again, check each branch). Good luck!

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