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I have started to put together my application on NursingCAS for GWU's online FNP program. I currently reside in RI, but will be moving in May 2016. My husband is in the military so I have no idea where we will be moving. I would enroll part time and continue to work. My only concern is that I'll have been a nurse for just over a year when I begin. I have a BS in Biology in addition to my BSN. I know that I could be successful in the program, but am worried about my ACM and other potential references talking me out of it due to lack of experience. Thoughts? Has anyone completed an NP program with limited experience? Thanks!

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First, thank you and your husband for your service.

I don't know any particulars about GWU's program, or know what an ACM is, so I'll give a more general answer. In a situation like yours, I would guess you would want a program that would be understanding of the flexibility you might have regarding moving during the program and finding preceptors. That will be a tough one for you, and it might mean you will need to delay mid program while you find preceptors in your area, or travel back to a location where the program has found preceptors for you. I assume the program does not require you to be on location for much if any of the didactic portion, as an online program would be ideal due to your travel situation.

Regarding your question about experience. Obviously, having more experience can be a very good thing. However, from a practical aspect, I have not seen a correlation between alot of experience (say >10y) and better results as a student compared to low experience (

So, I would say if this is what you want to do, don't let the low # of years of experience hold you back. You might have to study harder on some things, but if you are dedicated, you will get what you need out of it.

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Thank you very much for your reply and kind words.