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I am considering looking for a job in the hospital setting. I have been in LTC for about a year and I really think it is time for a change. I feel like there is no future in LTC for me at this time. I am going to be starting to fill out applications sometime in the next couple of months.

I know that a lot of my nursing skills are rusty d/t working in the nursing home. I do not have much experience working in a hospital as an RN (only 5 months on a tele. unit). However, my assessment skills are excellant and I am comfortable with a lot of my basic nursing skills.

Before I apply for a hospital position, I want to brush up on some of my nursing knowledge. Currently, I am studying ECG and some cardiac. What else do all of you suggest I brush up on? Also, I want this experience to go as smoothly as possible, so what areas do you suggest I apply for? I loved cardiac in school, but i am not sure if I am ready for the cardiac units at this time.


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First of all, I want to say good luck in whatever you decide to do. I am not sure about the hospitals where you live, but I know around here they have a brush up on basics kinda course, for those that have been out of the work force or out of the hospital setting for a while. It might not hurt to check out your local hospital(s) web pages and/or call and talk to their nursing education department. Also, I have heard that a fair amount of the hospitals give new grads and nursing home nurses longer orientations. I am not a floor nurse, so I am not 100% sure.

I think it is great that you are being proactive in searching out education to be more prepared and I :yeah: you for that!

You said that you are brushing up on ECG as well. I know most of our local hospitals offer a basic ECG class, a 12 lead ECG class, and others. They also have independent learning study packets you can borrow/purchase in all kinds of topics.

The only other material that comes to mind besides ECG that you may want to brush up on is medications. I have worked at a fair number of different hospitals, and almost all of them have you take a medication and IV medication test.

I hope this helps and good luck in what you decide:) Feel free to PM me if I can be of further help.

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Thank you for your post and I will have to check with any of the hospitals that I apply to about that brush up class.

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