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Hi everyone,

The hospital I want to work for has lots of positions available for CNAs in their rehab facility. (I orginially wanted to work in Med/Surg.)

The problem: The last week of my CNA class, my instructors told us to avoid rehab because it is backbreaking work and they go through CNAs quickly.

If anyone can advise me about the job duties/responsibilites of a CNA in a rehab facility, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!



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Interesting - while I work agency my last 5 assignments were at a Rehab facility. I did not have the same patients on any of the assignments. It was however a piece of cake compared to working in a nursing home except my last shift(one bad day out of 5 isn't bad). The care is pretty much the same as what you give in the nursing home - exception many patients are recovering from surgery so "be very aware" of where they had the surgery so you do not hurt them when assisting them. A few patients were stroke victims. Most are able to walk - shower themselves. All except two patients during the 5 days were mentaly stable and able to communicate. Majority are fall risk so you always have to use gate belts - supervise them during showers if not doing it yourself. There are several OTs any many of them shower the patients. Finding help for two person lifts and so forth is a lot easier. OT is very big, wound care and fallow up appointments - xrays and so forth is constantly going on so patients are also constantly being cared for by others. You have to pass out rooms trays, collect room trays. You have to take vitals at a specific time and take weights every day. There are more patients in isolation so it is time consumming to gown up just to take them their meals in their rooms. There are a lot more patients with colonostomies - bags need to be emptied and changed. Bowel movements are closley monitored because of post op. There are always a few patients on each floor that you will have a large BM clean up because they had become empacted. I had 10 patients on each shift - two of the shifts there was one person that was extremly obese/the OTs bathed them. Hope this helps.

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