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Consider Area Change to Hospice

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Hi, so if you look at my profile you will see I have been a nurse for several years basically in med-surg and home health field as well as case manager. I am seeking to start in hospice I do feel like I am called to that area. I am just very nervous as I have no hospice experience and I don't want to sabotage and not try out of fear. I just want to know like if any of you how did you overcome and what help you throughout your first few months or can you just tell me some positive as well. I know it's not all positive it's a special area of Nursing.

I have multiple job offers in the hospital on tele and home health but I feel like those are dead ends for me. More background info since I started my own therapy due to Childhood problems I have been drawn to more spiritual things. I am a Reiki practitioner which is an energy healer or energy healing therapy. As far as my last few jobs I have been quitting very frequently which is very hard to understand a lot of people don't understand and it's hard to explain as well. So hopefully someone even if it's one person out there understand. I'm just seeking advice on hospice nursing as a new hospice nurse and just positive inspiration. Thank you


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I actually do understand about quitting jobs frequently..and you are right..many people don't understand. Even on sites like this one many will "bash" those that don't stay in a job for a year (even if they are miserable) or whatever.

There would be no reason other than many lack of clinical experience you couldn't get into hospice as a new RN. You have some experience and the motivation so that is a plus. A lot of hospices will hire new nurses in positions other than dedicated on call.

As far as hospice nursing itself, there are plenty of posts on this site and others about it but my personal experience in working hospice has been overall positive. There is a lot of driving like with home health and just like in the hospital/home health setting there are days you have to change your schedule depending on what is going on. Documentation is like everywhere..a lot and repetitive but necessary. Some hospices require Case Managers to participate in call, others have dedicated call teams so make sure you ask. Also ask about mileage reimbursement, cell phone reimbursement or if a phone is provided. You will want to know if the position is hourly or salary and the general territory you'd be assigned.

Patient visits vary just as they do in home health. If your idea of hospice is spending time with the patient discuss the mysteries of life or being in a social work/counsel/spiritual advisor role it isn't like that. It's nursing and just like with hospice or patients in the hospital setting, the type (care) provided depends on the patients diagnosis/illness/disease process. That doesn't mean you aren't providing emotional support to the patient and/or family but it's just like other flavors of nursing.

Have you thought about becoming a Chaplain or similar since you are drawn toward that? You would be able to use your nursing degree as a springboard to social work/psychology/theology or similar.

You will read on here and other areas that you will find your "niche" in nursing at some point..I don't think that is true for everyone and in my humble opinion, that is OK.

Good luck.


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