Consensus about WGU MSN grads??


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I just graduated with my BSN am looking to go for my MSN is education. WGU is appealing for many reasons. I am wanting to know though from the employer's perspective, how is WGU regarded? Would it be a hindrance to being hired to have a degree from WGU? I don't know anyone who has attended WGU, and when I asked my faculty their opinion, including our asst. dean, they hadn't even heard of it but seemed leery based on the description of the program and how it is set up. I'd hate to be passed over for a job just based on where I got my degree.

I hope I am making sense! Any input is appreciated!

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WGU is CCNE accredited and, as such, passes muster in almost all realms. That your faculty has not heard of them says more about them than about WGU to be honest. WGU is pretty well known at this point.

I have my MSN-Ed. from WGU since December 2016 and have had robust responses to resumes I have sent out. Granted, I am more into Professional Development than school teaching at this point, but I certainly have not had employers looking down their nose at my degree.

Best of luck to you.


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my coworker is faculty with a WGU degree. I'm planning to attend at some point.


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It's totally accredited, and becoming more well-known... I've seen the TV commercials now :)

Instead of telling people why they should be concerned, just be confident and proud of your school work. When you graduate, list your degree with the graduation date. No one is really going to ask about the structure of the program if they haven't heard of it.

I finished the MSN in Nursing Ed and I just got accepted to a PhD program at the University of South Florida. I was scared that my 3.0 GPA, P/F grades or the fact that I finished the program very quickly (3 months) would scare them off - but no questions asked.