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Okay, I know it's early, but Yale is my first choice, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to screw it up. My goal is New England (although I'm also applying to Pace because they have this... Read More

  1. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    So my application is in. There's nothing left for me to do except panic for the next couple months.
  2. by   maziemoo22
    I just handed mine in too! I'm in the same boat as you, the next month is going to be brutal lol
  3. by   Giggles999
    My dream is to go to Yale's Masters program. Congrats on getting in!!....Can I email you with more questions? let me know! THanks!
  4. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    None of us knows if we're in. The next month and a half while waiting to find out if we got an interview is going to be nerve-wracking. But I hope to see everyone from this thread there!
  5. by   maziemoo22
    Me too! December 10th-15th can't come sooner ahhh!
  6. by   jjsrn1
    Ditto!!! Hang in there!
  7. by   maziemoo22
    ahh this wait is killing me haha. Anyone out there applying for the psych np track?
  8. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    Acute Care for me. But I completely agree on the wait! This next month is going to be torture.

    I'll have my EMT-basic course to keep me busy, though. So I'll get to take my frustrations out on manikins.
  9. by   Marinara
    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know when we should begin hearing back about interviews, etc.?

  10. by   maziemoo22
    I remember ****** saying December 10th through the 15th. I'm not sure if that is snail mail or email (or phone calls) though. Does anyone else know?
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  11. by   Marinara
    Are there any current Yale Nursing students out there? I spoke to a friend the other day who went through the GEPN/Midwifery program a few years ago, and she told me a few horror stories about the program being "brutal" and several students being sent home because they didn't score high enough on a test. That scared me to death! I know that nursing school will be difficult, but I'm not looking for "brutal" at this point in my life. After all, how can we learn to be confident, competent, compassionate healthcare providers if we're terrified of making a mistake or being sent home for a low grade on a test?

    I would LOVE some information from current Yale Nursing students - or students at any of the direct-entry nursing programs for that matter. Was the experience supportive? Did you feel it was like boot-camp the way it is sometimes described?

    Anyone else worried like me about this sort of thing?
  12. by   McSweetiepie
    Quote from maziemoo22
    I remember ****** saying December 10th through the 15th. I'm not sure if that is snail mail or email (or phone calls) though. Does anyone else know?

    I asked before (though I ended up not applying), the initial contact for interviews is by e-mail.
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  13. by   macmac84
    In response to concerns about the program's intensity, as a current GEPN, I can say, yes- the program is very hard. The worst is really the schedule. You will feel like there is no free time, let alone time to sleep. I've had many mornings where the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM thinking "Oh man, I really don't want to get up and spend the next 6 hours in clinical, then have to come home and study all night"....

    That being said, it also comes with a lot of support. You will become very sleep deprived, stressed, and you may cry occasionally, but you have classmates and faculty cheering you on. The instructors are tough, but great. I only know of a few people that left the program (not for academic reasons) and I know those who are struggling academically are given extra tutoring and mentoring. There have been a few stories of mean preceptors, but this is something we will all face anywhere and in the workplace (mean bosses, etc) at some point in our lives. The academics are hard but do-able. It really helps if you've taken A&P and Chem (it helps a lot). You will not get sent home for one bad grade- if you fail an entire class that is a different story- but I've never heard that happening to anyone in our class.

    feel free to shoot any specific questions- and g'luck with interviews!