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Okay, I know it's early, but Yale is my first choice, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to screw it up. My goal is New England (although I'm also applying to Pace because they have this... Read More

  1. by   javabean
    I'm so nervous....I must have checked my email 100 times today and still nothing
  2. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    I'll have to do that denial thing I've gotten so good at and just not think about the future. At least for twelve hours or so.
  3. by   MissDetermination
    Hey Guys
    Just talked to someone. She said that we will get emails on Monday either way. So we can stop obsessing for a while....
    Have a great weekend.
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  5. by   Wildschmidt
    Hey guys!

    I just discovered this thread! I also applied (FNP) and am anxiously awaiting news about interviews. I'm surprised we haven't heard yet! AAHHH!
  6. by   maziemoo22
    I don't think I've ever looked forward to a Monday this much in my whole life haha! This wait is absolutely killing me haha
  7. by   Marinara
    Hi Everyone!

    I am also excited about finding out tomorrow, one way or the other. Good luck to everyone! Hope to see each of you on campus soon
  8. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    What's really frustrating is that this is the only time I can check my email today! I have to wait until 2 am California time!
  9. by   rowan630
    I am a CNM candidate and just found out re: GEPN interview this morning. The decision was sent via email at 8:56 am EST. Best of luck to everyone and I hope this will put your minds at ease that all this waiting will be over soon. Hope to see some of you in January!
  10. by   Marinara
    Nothing yet here!
  11. by   Babyblue88
    Got an email!! Good luck to you guys as well
  12. by   maziemoo22
    Congrats Rowan!

    Hey guys I got the e-mail this morning around 10 (east coast). I got an interview! Mine is scheduled for the 29th! Is anyone else going for the PMH specialty?

    Also, last year there was talk of a potluck. Has anyone heard/know about that?
    Lasty, would anyone like to meet up the night before? I know some students did that last year from allnurses.

    So many questions ahh, I'm just really excited right now!

    Good luck and I hope to meet all of you!
  13. by   Minibunch
    I'm on the west coast and haven't received anything yet!!!