What schools offer the 2 year RN program?

  1. My DH is looking for a 2 yr RN program, I know someone who did it at a school in hartford but we hope for something closer since we are in wallingford.

    Anyone know what schools offer this?
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  3. by   Esther2007
    I am currently attending St Vincents college and they do have a two year program. I know Gateway Community College in New Haven is closer to you, they too offer a two-year program. Good luck to you.
  4. by   cuteshoes
    I can give you a little help. I just saw a post of yours on another thread and thought I'd clarify something for you. Gateway is a 2 year ADN program that awards an associate degree in nursing. The only diploma program in Ct is at Bridgeport Hospital. Both, diploma and ADN will allow you to become a RN. There are quite a few schools in Ct that have 2 year RN programs. The community colleges are the most reasonably priced by far. Gateway, Norwalk, Three Rivers, Capital, and NVCC all have ADN nursing programs. Goodwin college and ST. Vincent's also have 2 year programs, however they are private and very expensive. I applied to Gateway, Goodwin, and St. Vincent's because they have evening classes available. I was accepted to all three, but I have chosen to accept at Gateway. Gateway is a newer program so it wasn't accredited at first. Now, it is accredited by NLN so I don't see why there would not be financial aid available. The tuition is very reasonable at the community colleges and they offer a payment plan. All the community colleges are extremely competitive. Most look solely at GPA, sometimes based only on certain classes. This next year the Ct community colleges are going to be implementing a plan that makes all of them have the exact same pre-requisites and criteria for admission. I have my orientation at Gateway on May 2nd. If I can be of any further help let me know.
  5. by   kukukajoo
    Gateway has a campus in North Haven as well As New Haven. Not sure if the RN classes are held there but worth looking into.
  6. by   trepinCT
    funny, when I started my venture into getting back to school, I thought that I would never travel far for school, so when my pre reqs were finished I applied to 2 programs( I live in Wolcott)..I didn't get into either, this year I applied to mostly all the programs(Goodwin is a part of the CC system, but I did not apply there, it had accreditation problems last year and they are fairly new)..but what I am getting at is that I found it to be so competitive and it was something I wanted badly, so now I will be traveling and hour to Norwalk CC in the fall for nursing. Believe me, this is no small task, I have 4 children and my husband works 2 jobs, one that takes him from home many overnights(he is firefighter)..dont put all your eggs in one basket, if you want it bad enough, apply to as many as possible and you will be willing to travel. Take pre reqs as close to home though..all CCs make transfers easy.

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