UConn MEIN - Correct Chemistry pre-req?

  1. Help!

    Any anyone confirm whether CT Community College Chem 111 (Concepts of Chemistry) will suffice for the Chemistry pre-requisite for UConn's MEIN program, or if Chem 121 (General Chemistry I) is required?

    I see one indicated as the correct Chem class on some of their website info., and the other is listed in a different place as the acceptable pre-req.

    I tried emailing UConn several weeks ago about it, but no answer as of yet.

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  3. by   SwampCat
    I'm pretty sure they want Chem 121, but just call the nursing admissions department and ask. They are very helpful there! Good luck!
  4. by   jemlemon
    Thanks for the response!
  5. by   MEINstudent
    Hi, Yes, Chem 111 is sufficient. I am a current 2012 MEIN student.

    FYI - if you are taking Chemistry at Norwalk CC, take it with Kieran Curley. He teaches the basics without expecting you to learn things you won't need for nursing school. So far, the only part of Chemistry that I have found relevant, are the unit conversions, so learn those well. You do want to learn your A&P material very well. That has been extremely useful in both clinical and Pharmacology. Puglisi at NCC is the best.
  6. by   jells1026

    I ran into the same problem. I was planning on registering for Chem 111 at Capital Community College but when I went to register they told me that the UCONN program might require Chem 121. I emailed UCONN to see if Chem 111 would be accepted but never heard back. Did you hear back from them that Chem 111 would be okay?