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  1. Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!
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    Hi! I just sent in all my application documents. Not really sure what to expect? I'm very nervous. I applied to Storrs, what aboout you? Did you go to any of the informational meetings?

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    Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!
  5. by   alaboringstart
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    Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!
    Hi!! I applied with Waterbury as my first choice. I went to the info session over the winter before deciding to put my best got forward :-). I too sent in all my stuff earlier this month. I haven't heard anything which is somewhat frustrating because its hard to be sure that they've received everything. No one has responded to any message or email I sent. It would be nice if they had an online application system where applicants could check.....
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    Hi there. I applied in January and after a lengthy back and forth with what seemed like every employee at the uconn school of nursing, I finally got verbal notification of my acceptance into the program in early May! I have yet to receive any written notification and recently called the school of nursing to follow up. They informed me that the acceptance letters should be going out within the next week or so once the new employees they've hired to handle everything start. I have noticed that they are severely understaffed which results in a very unorganized department! Hopefully with the addition of new staff, theyll get their act together. My suggestion is to call the department of nursing after a few weeks to inquire about your application. They may not have an answer, but, it doesn't hurt to ask! Good Luck!
  7. by   alaboringstart
    Congrats on getting accepted!!! :-) I got an email this week saying that my application has been reviewed..so now comes the process of stalking the mailbox...I'm still confused about interviews though. In some of the previous forums, people have mentioned interviews as a part of their application process. I didn't recall hearing this at the info session...but does anyone know if it currently is?
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    hi! alaboringstart .... did you email them asking if it had been reviewed or did they automatically email you saying it had been reviewed? i havent heard anything since they told me they had all the required documents. they didnt say it had been reviewed or anything :/

    as for the interviews, i spoke to someone in the nursing dept last week and they said no interviews.. so thats a good!

    ahh , i'm sooooo anxious to find out! i read in some forums that it took a few weeks to hear back and in other forums peoples mentioned months. that is torture! i hope i hear soon but i won't get my hopes up.. with the holiday next week and the dept having very limited staff for the summer, i think it will be a slow process. keep us posted if you hear! and if you don't mind, let me know if you asked them about the status or is they emailed you to inform you. thannnk you!!
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    Hi nme1217!!I emailed them asking if they received my paperwork to complete my file for the June review. They responded that my file was complete and had been reviewed. I'm not sure what that means in the grand scheme of things (I can only speculate!) but I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed :-) Since July is now upon us, hopefully we will hear from them in the coming days!!
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    Hi everyone!!I noticed to date that this forum has been viewed nearly 400 times since it was started... Which means there are a lot of lurkers out there (hehehe!!!) Dont be shy! I encourage you to join in and be part of a great community!!! :-)On another note, I received my acceptance letter today(woohoo!!!) :-) congrats to others and good luck to those still waiting to hear!!!
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    Hi alaboringstart! I also got my acceptance letter today =) SO excited! Did you get into the campus you requested (Waterbury?). My first request was Storrs and I got in so I'm siked. Now theres so much planning to do for me to try and move from Boston to CT. Crazy. I did this same move 11 years ago when I went to UConn for undergrad... and now its round 2 for nursing, should be really interesting!

    For everyone else, good luck!
  12. by   alaboringstart
    Yay nme1217!!!! Congratulations!!!! Yes, I got into Waterbury..no moving, but a lot of driving! There's so much planning ahead like you said, but it will be worth it!!
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    I had trouble getting in touch with the admissions office as well. But they ended up replying to my second email saying that my file had been reviewed and that I would receive a letter in a few days. Which I did...I will be going to the UCONN campus :-) congratulations to everyone that got in, and good luck to those that are still working on their applications
  14. by   antd113
    Hi all, I sent in all of my application stuff end of June, and have yet to hear back. I'm beginning to get nervous! After reading these posts, and seeing that almost eveyone has heard back, I contacted almost everyone at the Nursing Admissions office, including all the MEIN contacts. Still have yet to hear back from anyone -_-. Does anyone have a contact that they could message to me that maybe got back to them the quickest?

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